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Bipedal Canine reported near Taylor Falls, Minnesota

Note: This story is originally from the Phantom and Monsters blog. I received this email last night. It was forwarded by a witness in Minnesota who describes a bipedal canine cryptid. I have not discussed this incident with the witness so I'm presenting the sighting 'as is': Hello - I was steered to you by a man I know up north from here. He said that you are interested in these things so I figured I'd send an email. I live in Taylors Falls, Minnesota and I was driving north on Wild Mountain Rd. around 7 am. on Jan 2nd. I was heading for the ski area when I saw some kind of animal running in the field towards the river. I pulled off the road and grabbed my binoculars. It looked like a lar ...
Category: Cryptozoology / Canine
Tags: werewolves, bipedal