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Stories - Strange Experiences in My Home

Hello! My home is 126 years old. I've lived here my whole life and its been in my family since it was first built. The man who built it was a man my ancestor hired. He was an angry person and during the two-year building process, he killed four men. They either didn't listen, or proved him wrong. The deaths were documented as accidents. The man eventually died and was buried on our land. He was buried here because he had no family and my ancestors felt it necessary and proper. The day they buried him there were documented paranormal experiences.

Years later, in the 70's the home was still standing and things were going on as usual. My family kept a "ghost journal" that I still have today, and the reports were NEVER demonic. Mainly footsteps, bangs, shadows, and doors opening. In the 70's however, my parents moved in. The first night there, my mom was getting ready for bed and she felt her hand get yanked. She was a skeptic and thought nothing of it. That weekend, my dad was alone and got pushed down the stairs. He fell four steps. He was shaken.

I moved in recently and I've heard growling from my closet, been scratched, bitten, and have seen a tall dark figure. I don't know what to make of this because I'm not usually afraid.
Category: Ghosts
Tags: demon, ghost
Apr 07 @ 14:18