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News - Rectangular UFO spotted over Brazil

Source: 24horasnews.com.br

Attorney Carlos Gonçalves Pascoal has lived the last 24 days somewhat differently than before. Several unusual reports have been heard in various regions, and Carlos is one of the ones claiming to have seen a UFO, which he described as rectangular and bright.

His incident occurred in the early evening on Christmas Eve, Carlos driving on the MT-208 highway, towards Carlinda Alta Floresta, was surprised by the object. "I returned from Carlinda to Alta Floresta, in the height of about 10 km to get here in Alta Floresta, I noticed a rectangular object, flying straight, but a it was beautiful; it was a red color, and after about 3 to 4 seconds it was gone... disappeared," the lawyer reported.

Claiming to be an outrageous thing of beauty, and still impressed by what he witnessed, Carlos says the experience was unique, "The object was very beautiful indeed. I was amazed because it was a pretty color, but an unknown object up to the same rectangular shape, but a very pretty color, very rare to see a different shade of red than I'm familiar with. "

Being a professional in the city credit, Paschal ensures that he actually saw a UFO and that at no time friends doubted him, "I believe there are people who can create an event to call attention, is not my case, I'm a lawyer I have balanced my professional life, I have no reason for self-promotion, the reaction I had, I hope others have too, the reaction was a joy, a joy it gave me, at any time gave me some embarrassment, was a beautiful light. "
Category: UFOs
Tags: ufo, south america, sightings
Dec 30 @ 18:14