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News - Haunted house for sell!

Source: northernstar.com.au

These are the sorts of reveries that come to mind when you enter historic Tulloona House - and if your bank account is up for it, those dreams could come true.

The heritage-listed, opulent Goonellabah building, which dates from 1895, is for sale.

Owners Sue and Michael Dakin have poured thousands of hours, masses of energy and piles of money into a full restoration job and now their work is done, their children are grown, and they are ready to move on.

The selling price is under wraps but the value of the house is considerable.

It has been a home, a church, and a bed and breakfast in its many incarnations.

It has also had periods of decay and dilapidation.

There have always been rumours it was haunted.

"When we moved in there was definitely some sort of entity haunting the place," Sue told The Northern Star.

"It's definitely gone now, but it gave off a terrible smell. In one of the fireplaces, I saw this really evil-looking face. It didn't go away 'til Michael took to it with a chisel."

"I'm a sceptic," Michael added, "but the smell was so strong it made your blood run cold and your imagination run wild."

Free of its ghosts, the house is listed with The Professionals in Lismore and Elders in Ballina and through them, can be seen internationally on the internet.

"It needs to be lived in and used as a working concern, maybe as a function centre or boutique accommodation. There are plenty of options," Ms Dakin said.

As well as carrying out their "grand design" on the house, the Dakins have converted an old schoolhouse in the parkland that surrounds it into a self-contained studio.

They have also installed a sparkling swimming pool.

Ducks and chooks roam the garden and the property is effectively fenced.
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Dec 30 @ 18:00