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News - UFOs sighted over Konya, Turkey

Source: focushaber.com

The evening sky over Konya, Turkey an object appeared for a moment and was captured with mobile phone cameras as light clusters -- it's caused widespread confusion. Images were recorded amongst friends at a trade school, chiefly being training specialist Esra Sanyer, who stated:
About 2 weeks ago my friends and I were having dinner together at home. After dinner we went on to the balcony. After a little while a set of lights appeared in the sky. First, we thought it was a balloon or fireworks. But it started blinking and remained in the sky for a long time. It was a solid object before becoming two. Then later, it began to multiply, finally into 7 units. I could not understand that.
The objects remained in the sky for about 4 or 5 minutes stated Sanyer, which is why he doesn't believe it was balloons or fireworks.
Category: UFOs
Tags: ufo, turkey, middle east, eurasia
Dec 28 @ 14:02