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News - Rippavilla Plantation to host paranormal tour/investigation

Source: tennessean.com

On January 21st, 2012 you too can hunt ghosts for $75 a person at the Rippavilla Plantation. This kind of thing seems to becoming more popular. I guess it's a great way for an old place to make money when they can't attract real tourists anymore. Is this news worthy? I'm not sure, but this story will definitely come in handy if this all becomes a sort of trend in the near future. It seems as though the paranormal is taking off again, hopefully getting as popular as it was in the 1990s -- that remains to be seen, however.

You can visit their web site: http://rippavilla.org/
Category: Ghosts
Tags: ghosts, ghost hunters, investigations, tours
Dec 28 @ 13:44