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Forum - Bigfoot

there is a riseing interest, in the search for big foot in my area. as and eye witness to such a creature.

I find it interesting,( those in the know) still refuse to believe ? I reported the fact it was catching fish that were spawning in the river.

some say he it eat's berry's, well that's great but in the winter there are no berry's. this one was tall. 7ft large 300 lbs or more matted hair hair color was brown with tint's of orange.

did not seem to be disturbed by my observation. slowly got out of the water, turned and left climbing a hill and back in to the wood's.
Mar 30 @ 12:25
When did you have your sighting, Grim?

We also have frequent sightings in our area. On the road where I live, there was a story a couple of years ago about a fellow who saw one and ran off the road looking at it -- during broad daylight. James and I have both heard an animal in the woods making an odd noise that he can't identify and he's lived out here in the boondocks nearly all his life. One of the travel channel documentaries on bigfoot was filmed just down the road from us about a year or two ago.

As for the science community, it's easy to deny things if they don't fit into a neat little compartment. There is a breed of wild cat in this area that for lack of a better term, people call a "black panther". Scientist claim it doesn't exist. It supposedly sounds like a woman screaming and most people who have lived in the country, including my husband, claim to have seen at least one in their lifetime. One fellow, whom James knew, took the skin of one to a scientist at Texas A&M. He was promptly told he had the skin of a 6 foot long housecat.

Now, I'd like to see a 6 foot long housecat! Can you imagine the litter box for that one?! LOL
Mar 31 @ 11:49
Carrie this is a second time I saw the creature. in the same location. while fishing. fool that I'am I reported the sighting to authorites. now it's off limit's. no trespassing etc. but yet it does not exist!

suddenly the area. fall's under homeland security protection all of a sudden.

never expecting to see it again, no camera. there's no question it's a fish eater. both time's it has been in the water during the fish spawning.

it act's as tho it's almost human. I've never seen a mate & not sure of it's sex. it's size & shape would configure to be male.
Mar 31 @ 20:33
Geez, I always thought that those films were always "doctored" and there's been, of course, alot of backlash with critics. Hard to really know what to believe...but it's great to actually know that someone, like a friend as yourself Grim, saw it! In a weird kind of way, it's very interesting!
Apr 02 @ 14:12
here we are with interest in thing's that go bump in the night.
and suddenly thrust in to a world of mythical creature's that science say's can not exist. but yet the report's continue & no proof.

so many questions & no answers. my father& mother also witnessed this creature. on the first sighting. mom simply saying it's a man in a gorilla suit. mom & dad are gone now.

a platypus in vietnam ? impossible but true such a creature was seen in south vietnam in dai-loc pass.in 1968 a local vietnamese peasant was about to imbark on the poor thing. I have no doubt it was for dinner. again the witness being me& no proof. but yet 16 new species of unknown animals have been found there since the war ended.

but no platypus.
Apr 03 @ 23:34
We truly have no idea what all kinds of creatures are living amongst us..
Apr 24 @ 12:49
we have a self confessed BIGFOOT EXPERT in the area. the man is nothing ' more than a joke he of course has never seen one. so there fore he's running a round like somebody ''crazy''

trying to prove he or it does not exist. surprise it does!. I just laugh to my self. the joke is on him.
Apr 24 @ 22:06
I'm jealous Grim. I can't tell you how many times I've kept my eye for for any kind of sighting. I keep an eye peeled out my kitchen window on mornings and nights when I'm in front of it incase one's going through my back yard. Hey, there's a chance. My yard abutts forest and pasture land. I can hope.

I'm a firm believer in cryptozoology. Not everything in crystozoology is real. Not everything in cryptozoology exists normally in our time and space. But I do believe the bigfoot exists with us. Hopefully they don't become part of the current mass extinction before we find proof. That would be a terrible shame.

Stand by your guns and please, please, please get us a picture.

Have you thought about baiting. In most states its illegal in hunting but you'll just be taking pictures.
Apr 25 @ 19:30
well pictures would be a great help' except the area is in a hydro electric plant area which is now controlled by home land security'
I advised them there security was very poor! a creature of this size in daylight & they can't see it?
it's free to move around on it's own will & they can't or won't see it. and you have too ask why?
Apr 25 @ 23:32
Hmmm....good question Grim...
Apr 26 @ 14:29


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