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Forum - Angels/Demons?

Just for heads-up, I do not practice any organized religion. That said...

I do believe in angels and demons. I have seen them, or at least felt their presence. One of each. Here's my story:

When I was 6, I had a vivid nightmare, that I remember to this day. In the dream, I was walking through these rocky canyons (which is odd, as I grew up in south Louisiana, and had never seen canyons). I was apparently part of a Boy Scout troop, and got seperated. As I was walking, a large red snake shot out of a crack in the canyon wall, and bit me on the ankle. The pain caused me to wake up, and my real ankle hurt terribly. It hurt so bad, my folks took me to see a doctor, and he could find nothing wrong with it. Despite that, I walked with a limp for the next 14 years, as the pain never went away.

When I was 20, I was lying in my dorm room bed, sound asleep. I woke suddenly (or was possibly still dreaming), and there standing at the foot of my bed was a glowing blue-white humanoid form with wings. It was vague and fuzzy, and I was still apparently half asleep. I immediately fell back asleep. I don't know exactly what he/she/it did, but when I awoke the next morning, the pain in my ankle was gone. It has not returned since.

Anyway. That's my experience. It's been a long time now, but I'll never forget it. Any thoughts?
Nov 13 @ 16:28
I too believe in angels and demons...throughout the past few years...I have had or seen several encounters with what I thought to be angels...no demons yet...and I hope not any at all!
Nov 13 @ 18:52
I don't know if I truly believe in angels in demons in what would be called the traditional sense. I do believe there is a Higher Power and I believe he/she sends his messengers and helpers to us in some form or another when they are needed. I think it is a possibility and I keep my mind open about it. I do believe there is good and evil in the afterlife, just as it is in the world we live in.

I've had some experiences with what could possibly be angels -- one recently that I wrote about in another thread. I've known other, very sane people who feel they have encountered demonic entities; I've even seen a few things that left me wondering.

I don't have any answers for your experience, although it certainly is an interesting one. Thanks for sharing it. Good topic!
Nov 14 @ 13:29
very interesting and hard to prove.if not impossible. demons that is.they are alive and well not that trash you see on television. I have had one tracking me for years' waiting for the chance when my guard will be down...... yes it has attacked once' of which I was able to recover. trickery and deciet are not uncommon methods.
Nov 14 @ 22:04
Yeah. As hard as ghost hunters have it, can you imagine the complexity of trying to prove the existance of, for example, angels? There's no Holy Energy Detectors. They don't have to use heat or energy to do whatever it is they do. They don't jump in and out, randomly and confused.

They come in, do what they need to do without being noticed, and then dissapear.

Trying to prove Angelic encounters would be ridiculously impossiblt.

[ November 14, 2006, 05:01 PM: Message edited by: MaclimesZero ]
Nov 14 @ 23:00
That's pretty incredible. Well not incredible as not believable just WOW.

My thoughts are similar to Carrie's. I know there are beings with good intentions and beings with bad intentions. Whether you can classify them as angels or demons I'm not so sure. Could be but I've yet to come to a conclusion if I ever do. I've met both but as with anything we need to keep an open mind.

When I was a child, just a baby, I believe I died. A being who was like the most nurturing mother you could imagine helped me. I can't remember what happened exactly but a being of the warmest blue light you can imagine took care of me, comforted me and ultimately got me back into my body. I think 'she' helped me along afterwards too. When I meditate and 'see' with my third eye I can see her light coming from behind me. Is she an angel? A guardian angel? Could be. I treasue 'her' and am thankful for her. I can't wait to meet her 'face to face'. =)

A simple explanation for your experience could be that it is psychosomatic. I'm not saying it is but a possibility is that the dream affected you to the point where the pain stayed with you. And after some years your mind created a way to relieve it. Just a possibility. We create our worlds.
Nov 15 @ 19:10
Nov 15 @ 20:05
very good ascessment's I would say.as one who is very well aware of demons.I apparently brought one back thru the portal's.from a near death experience.it has tempted me to do things. it has assaulted me fractureing my skull. they live!
Nov 15 @ 22:05
Maclimes and Nakis, thank you for sharing your stories. I found them pretty incredible. Nakis, she certainly sounds like a guide or a guardian angel. How blessed you can see her light.
Nov 30 @ 11:40


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