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Forum - Water droplet phenomena

Hello all!!

It's been awhile since I've visited. Hope it's OK to ask a question. I have been experiencing a "water droplet phenomena" off and on now for 6 years and I was wondering has anyone else experienced it, and what are your ideas on what exactly it is.

It started right before my mother passed away in 1998, when I was sitting in my livingroom and a small water droplet fell on my arm. I, of course, thought it was from my ceiling and I took a step ladder to check and see if there was moisture on it anywhere. It was dry as a bone. I tried to figure it out without any luck. This now happens fairly frequently but usually under times of stress for me or my family. It not only happens to me, but to my husband as well. We both are very baffled about this "water droplet phenomena" and have no idea what to think of it. The droplet is about the size of a tear and once when I tasted it...it was salty like a tear. Please, help me figure this out. If the water was coming from my ceiling, by now, I would have some sort of stain on it. It also happens when it is NOT raining. I and my husband are not bothered by it...we just want to understand what it means. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

Whitesburg Tanya [Sigh]
Apr 12 @ 00:41
Tanya, I have had this happen also! As I understand it, the droplets do have a connection with "unresolved sorrow." In a nutshell, when certain people (in my personal opinion, one would have to have a certain amount of psychic ability or sensitivity) become upset and let the emotions fester rather than come out, these emotions are built up in the atmosphere around them and manifest as these little water droplets. Sounds a bit farfetched, I know, however in a way it makes sense.

In a way, it does tie in to the phenomenon of ghosts -- those pent-up emotions leave an imprint and that energy from those emotions manifests themselves in the form of water droplets (tears that we haven't physically cried).

I first experienced it when my father's health started failing. At the time, I was living with my parents in an old Victorian house that did have some paranormal phenomenon. I would have these drops of water fall on my arm, my head, etc... and could never find a source. We did the same thing you did about checking for leaks. None were ever found. It happened again at another house I moved from about a year ago -- at that time, my mother's health was failing and I had a lot of stress.

I don't think it is very common, but it isn't unheard of either! There may be other theories on this, but this one does seem to fit regarding the aspect of stress.
Apr 12 @ 13:19
Thank you Carrie, for answering me so quickly and giving me some reason this is happening. What you say makes perfect sense, and I did have a very hard time when I lost my mother. She and I were more like soul mates than mother and daughter. My father started dating very soon after I lost my mom and I was also having a hard time with that. I have noticed when my stress level rises, ( and it usually comes from my father), that's when I feel the water droplets the most. I have had as many as three falling on me at one time and I always felt like they were tears. Thank you for letting me know you have experienced this also. Now I know my family and I are not alone.

Whitesburg Tanya
Apr 12 @ 23:51
I really like Carrie's theory.
I too have had a lot of water droplet phenomema happen to me. Pretty much my whole life with the exception of the last few years.
To me this lends a lot of support to Carries theory. I had lots'n lots of unresolved and unexpressed pent up emotions. Only until the past few years have I felt that I have dealt with a great deal of those stored emotions. Basically when I stopped getting those water droplets.

Like you, they were came from nowhere. Indoors, outdoors on clear dry days. They would hit me in a variety of places on my body. But I've had a lot over the years.
Apr 14 @ 14:46
I just showed this thread to hubby and he replied so we're not nuts, good to hear. lol Carrie I like your theory as well, makes sense to me/us. Although it hasn't happened often it has happened to us here at home. We did find it rather strange each time since we could find no explanation for it. Should it ever happen again I'll have to take note of what is going on at the time, be it stressful or otherwise.
Apr 15 @ 03:32
0 +0
Boy am I glad there are more of us out there! Has anyone done any kind of research on this phenomenon?

Whitesburg Tanya
Apr 16 @ 00:30
Ok, this has officially freaked me out! I have experienced the water droplet phenomena my entire life! I've never heard anyone else talk about it, viewed on tv, or even read about it! I always chalked it up to my being weird or paranoid or something [Nutty] . I'm really happy to know this is real and that I'm not alone!! [Big Grin]

[ April 21, 2005, 11:48 PM: Message edited by: PorkChopExpress ]
Apr 22 @ 03:17
I have had that water droplet experience happen to me inside and in area's outisde where there was no way it came from the sky or any kind of bird or water dripping from buildings etc.I allways felt maybe it was some sad spirit or ghost letting some emotional energy out over something that happened when they were alive.It happened to me again about about 2 weeks ago while waiting for a train outside, in area that for the years that have had a alot deadly accidents with cars and pedestrians being hit.I sometimes say a prayer for the people souls that have died
on that street intersection when I am in that area of the city
waiting for the train on the boarding platform outside.
Apr 26 @ 22:44
I don't think I had water droplets but like lil sprit that would hit me, never did figure out what caused them.
Apr 30 @ 12:04
This is so weird! I, like "Porkchop", have had the same thing happen to me in the past, but it never even occured to me that it was paranormal in any way, it was always just like a drop or two that would hit my arm, but I never really thought that much of it....but now, after reading all these posts, it made me think of a story I was told a couple of years ago from a friend of mine. The house that he lives in with his sister, dad, & uncle (his mom is deceased), is like 100 yrs. old, a beautiful 2 story farm house....but anyway, he said that one day his uncle was in the kitchen fixing himself a sandwich when he noticed that the window was up, you know the older windows that you have to lift up to open them, anyway, he closed the window, went back to his sandwich, & heard the window going up again (with a little help from "something"...) so he went to close it again & when he did, he noticed that he had wet spots on his t-shirt, although he hadn't been in any water or even near the sink for that matter, he was making the sandwich on the kitchen table, so that really freaked him out because he, like so many others, had no idea what the heck was going on! So thanks to Tanya for enlightening us all on the phenomena!
Apr 30 @ 19:27
Hey to all!

Thank you for all the replies about this phenomenon. I feel much better now that I understand it more.

Thank you so much.
May 30 @ 00:53
Just to go a little more on this. Which supports Carries theory.
As maybe some of you know I've been going to therapy again to resolve some serious emotional issues lately.
It started happening again. At this particular time in my life it was hypercritically important to start working again (I knew intuitively and psychicly). Basically I am ripe to deal with this stuff. I started getting the water droplets again. I can't rule out other things like an odd rain drop since they happened outside.

But it could coincide with the releasing of restained emotional energy. Emotional energy is truly energy on this plane. Not just extra-dimensional. The release of this energy could be affecting the air around us causing water molecules to condense and form droplets. The amount of droplets could be far more than we realize since we only become aware of the ones we feel. How many form and never fall onto us or on parts of us that we don't even notice? It could be a bigger phenomena than we realize.
Jun 14 @ 15:22
Carries theory does make sense. Have you ever seen the cartoon with the upset or depressed man with the cloud that follows and only rains on him! Ive experienced water droplets out of nowhere also. Mostly on my hands or upper arm. Never found an explaination. Ive also seen drops fall from my ceiling. No leaks. Two seperate places.
Jan 15 @ 18:15
I too have had a lot of water droplet phenomema happen to me. Pretty much my whole life with the exception of the last few years.
Apr 15 @ 02:10
Hi Everyone, so glad to have found this site. I grew up in an old historic home in New Orleans, from as young as I can remember and sounds crazy but I do remember standing up in my baby crib, I have had so many Paranormal experiencing. As a little girl growing up at first I was afraid when visions, dreams in color and ghosts within my home would appear. I have deep connections and feelings that something is going to happen and it does. I have pysic abilities to some extent and haven't found the exact reason the Y ME answer. I just recently had the water drop experiences start.... I believe its a sign of something to come a warning of some type. I have been hit by water drops in my car while driving on a sunny day or just while in home on computer, this has happened to me several times now over the last 6 months or so.... I am very intrigued to WHY, I do believe in sprits and ghosts, I believe spirits and ghosts are two different things. I have amazing unexplainable stories... KEEP Posting your experiences .... the days are getting shorter, the world crazier and the spirit world is gaining strength which those of us can FEEL that strangth.... signing very Sane in New Orleans.... Peace and Love to you all
May 15 @ 02:29


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