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To members of SpiritKeep,

I will not say what is in this photo. I know what is here as my team took it. All I will say about the photo is we received an electromagnetic fluctuation on our EMF meter and a sudden, drastic drop in temperature from our infrared thermometer.

The negatives of this photo have been examined by a film lab and ruled the film has not been tampered with as they showed up on the negatives also.

I place it here for your opinions tell me what you see. KellKell I think you have seen this one before as I showed it once before here. I wait to hear all opinions.

So here is the photo:

Click here to see photo[/URL]

** Edit: Took care of it for ya (changed the image to a link). [Wink] -Kell

[ March 16, 2005, 04:47 PM: Message edited by: KellKell ]
Mar 14 @ 06:49

If this pic is to big for the message board let me know as I did not know what size it was. If it is just remove it and I will readd it with a link to the site it is on.

Just looking out and trying to be a good spirit keeper lol.

Mar 14 @ 06:58
Was there a person standing in the door way when you took the photo? That's a wild photo.
Mar 14 @ 18:12
I have a comment- if you look at the light streaks, you'll notice they are all the same shape (going down, curving around and then to the left). It looks like the camera was moved since it is the same shapes in different areas. There looks like a blonde woman in the doorway (with her back to us)
Mar 14 @ 21:09
I also noticed that the light streaks are all the same shape, four sets of them going large to smaller. I'm assuming that is a person in the doorway. CryptKeeper, I'd really like to hear your conclusions for this pic.
Mar 15 @ 20:34
true, the streaks all have the same pattern...there is another faint one above the tv and an even fainter one next to the lamp, reminds me of the 'infinity' mirror effect. your light source appears in the television, and it looks like it is set on a tripod. there is also a red streak on the tv screen to the right. the yellow light source above the girls head seems to be coming from the other room. a ceiling light perhaps?, because the light reflects off the door frame and doesn't really enter the kitchen and reflect onto its walls. very interesting photo.

Mar 16 @ 01:02
I agree that the streaks look like a light source of some form. The other thing I am thinking is that to the right of the woman is a door that may have a window over it. Since I am not very good at interpreting pics yet, this is just a stab in the dark.
Mar 16 @ 04:05
it is definately a slow shutter speed and nothing more.
Mar 16 @ 18:26
I agree with atlantabelle, there's a woman in black with long blonde hair with her back to the camera. Very plain to see and very intriguing. Was there a murder or some kind of death on this property? Not just the house but the property itself?
Aug 26 @ 14:17
it looks like a woman in black walking away, your house is definitely haunted. That's a creepy ass photo. haha
Jun 25 @ 22:17


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