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Forum - Mothman

I was just reading on 'Coast to coast' about tomorrows show, (Valentines Day). An interview with Loren Coleman on Bigfoot and Mothman. I don't believe I've ever seen the movie? The legend of Mothman is quite creepy. I hit some of the web sites and learned quite a lot about the legend. There is even a 'death' list!? Anyone seen this movie?


Feb 14 @ 09:43
Hi Bobbygee

I was looking at the same thing yesterday, I think it will be a very interesting CtoC tonight.

Is the movie you are referring to The Mothman Prophecies? If it is yes I have seen it and I really liked it. I thought it was well done, it was quite creepy especially since it was based on true events. Definitely worth seeing. I also have the book and I enjoyed it as well.

The Mothman legend and tales told by those that have had alleged encounters is very chilling and all I know for sure is that I never want to experience anything like this firsthand. [Shock]

The discussion on Bigfoot should be equally as interesting. I'm intriquied by the mystery of the Bigfoot. It's to bad there are ppl out there that create hoaxes and false evidence as it makes it harder to believe any of the footage, pictures, sightings etc presented as you always have that hoax thought at the back of your mind. Perhaps Bigfoot the yeti etc are merely a Tulpa as Sylvia Browne suggests? Would make sense to why one has never been caught? I've also read that it's alien oriented, that's an odd one but who knows? An interesting mystery no matter how you look at it.

Hugs, Cat =)
Feb 14 @ 23:24
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Yes Cat,... that's the movie!, 'The Mothman Prophecies.' I just went to the Imdb movie site and watched a trailer. No I haven't seen the movie. It looks very interesting, and kind of creepy, the kind of movie you don't wanna watch alone! [Laughing] I love horror, or maybe the rush you get from not knowing what is coming next, I'm surprised I even have finger nails left ! [No] Hey, did you go to the Mothman sites? Apparently a police officer in Mexico encountered something simular? Well, I guess I'll just have to rent the Mothman movie and grab a friend to watch it with me! [Laughing]


Feb 15 @ 08:25
Hi Bobbygee,

I haven't gone to any of sites yet, but will do so as it's very interesting and spooky stuff. I only listened to part of last nights show, the little bit I heard was good. I taped it so will listen to the rest when I get a chance. Did you listen to it?

Let me know what you think of the movie. Do be sure to watch it in the dark. [Eek!] Spooky movies are always better with no lights on. This is off topic a bit but have you watched the movie The Others yet? I know that was another one you mentioned you were going to rent. Definitely watch that one in the dark if you enjoy a good chill. =) Hey maybe you can convince a friend to do a double feature?

Hugs, Cat
Feb 16 @ 02:42
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Watch Mothman in the D...D...D...Dark!? No way man! I'm gabbin' a teddy bear and turnin' all the lights on! [Laughing]
Yes, I have seen 'The Others", very interesting plot. Don't want to say anymore about it in case some "others" haven't seen it yet. (pun intended)
I listened to the entire C2C show, it was very good.
Maybe I'll get Mothman and Bell Witch as a double feature! Chat later,....... =) =)


Feb 17 @ 09:13
Robert and Cat,

You do know the person that Mel Gibson played in that movie was actually involved in the Mothman occurrences?

Many believe Mothman either to be an alien creature or a creature that came through a portal that opened up into our world.

As the events only lasted a few days and Mothman vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

I am an amateur cryptozoologist and study those fascinating creatures as well as investigate the paranormal.

Chupacabra, I would have to say is my favorite fascinating creature.

Mar 07 @ 23:45
I know this is an old topic...but I was reading through it...does anyone believe the Mothman is real...I have some family that lives in
West Virginia which is suppose to be the "hot spot" for the Mothman and some actually say they have seen it....Any opinions?

Sep 10 @ 16:40

Short doc my friends and I did on the Mothman
Oct 11 @ 15:48
Thanks for sharing, Paul.
Oct 12 @ 00:39


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