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Forum - Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery

So it took me FOREVER to find this place! It's in Frewsburg, New York way out in the middle of nowhere... and I mean NOWHERE! It's really odd actually... It's on this super long dirt road that goes through deep deep woods. It's pretty far back in the woods and is pretty hard to spot.

The story behind the place is that a girl back in the late 1800's was hung on this cross and stoned to death for being a ***** or witch or something (I still have to do more research about it). Since then groups of people have been going up there to do Satanic Rituals and not too long ago supposedly 8 boys got their throats slit there.

This place gave me the creeps BAD! I never really get creeped out either so this was unusual. It was a warm yesterday when we went but the closer I got to the cross (where the girl was stoned) the colder it got. It was soooo cold. I kept hearing things in the woods on the other side of the fence. Something about that place... I didn't want to stay there long. I definitely want to go back and check it out at nite. I wanted to go during the day first and scope it out. There was definitely something there. [Gasp]

Check out some pix I took there:

The Entrance[/URL]

Further up the Entrance[/URL]

Just inside to the right[/URL]

Me walking up towards the cross hunched over cause it was so cold[/URL]

Pic of the cross[/URL]

Some stones[/URL]

Close up of one of the stones[/URL]

 - The cross where the girl was stoned to death... there are still hooks on it from where they supposedly put her.

[ August 08, 2004, 04:50 PM: Message edited by: Carrie ]
Aug 08 @ 21:18
Candi, those are interesting photos. Looks like a spooky place. However, I would be more inclined not to believe the story of the young woman being stoned to death and chalked up to urban (or in this case, rural) legend.

The cross appears to be made of concrete. Although the use of concrete dates back to Roman times, it was not used on things like this. Also, the hooks you see in the cross, called "eye hooks" are normally used by churches to drape fabic on, especially around Easter as a symbol of the resurection. Even though prostitution and witchcraft were severely frowned upon, if the young woman was indeed put to death, the method during the 1890 time period, historically speaking, would have been death by hanging, or firing squad. If you research it, you may find that I'm completely wrong, it wouldn't be the first time! I'm just taking an educated guess.

I don't doubt the cemetary is haunted, but I wouldn't buy into that particular cause. Great pics! I wouldn't want to venture into that place at night!
Aug 08 @ 23:03
Thanks Carrie,

Now that I think about it that makes a lot of sense. Now who did people stone though?? I know they hung witches and prostitutes and I think sometimes drowned them? Was it thieves that they stoned? And when they stoned someone did they put them on a cross?

I am definitely going to have to go research all this!!

How could I go about finding out what really happened there??

I don't doubt that people do satanic worship up there.. it is so out in the middle of nowhere that no one would ever know. That's the scary part about it. and your cell phone doesn't get any service out there!
Aug 08 @ 23:21
Do you know what the red and white thing is on the cross? And if you do what it represents?
Aug 08 @ 23:31
Great pictures Candi! That cemetary looks spooooky.

I have to agree with Carrie that the story of the girl being stoned to death is most likely an urban legend. Even the boys that you mentioned having their throats slit sounds to me like an urban legend as well. It just fits the outline for one. But I suppose that you never know.

I would have to say that I do think the cemetary is most likely haunted. I too wouldn't want to go there at night! [Eek!]

If you do find anything else out about the cemetary, do fill us in. =)

[ August 08, 2004, 07:49 PM: Message edited by: Trinity ]
Aug 08 @ 23:57
[Eek!] Moonspirit- the red and white thing turned out to be an American Flag... not sure why it was hung there tho?

I found this link... I didn't think it was the same cemetery at first because it says it's in P.A but I figured there can't be that many Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery's and it is pretty close to the PA line.


They have some more pictures on there but they don't know much about the history either. I'm going to go over to the library and/or town hall and see what I can find out.

The stories do seem pretty farfetched but pretty scary!
Aug 09 @ 00:27
OH OH OH!! So I was reading more on that page that and here is what it says:

"I have alot of photos posted here because this is my favorite cemetery or one of my favorites. I get more people writing me about this place then any other place I have visited. Recently I have been told that it is haunted by a lady in white and a mentally challenged girl who was stoned to death at the age of 7years old. Day or night people have reported to me there car will not start in front of the cemetery, a boy will follow them out, and their is a lady who is very mean who just stands there and watches you. If there would be any cemetery I would want to spend the night it would be this one. I have seen other peoples ghostly photos in this place such as a lady standing there in a dress transparent and it is HAUNTED. I do plan on visiting this place at night one time before I move out to Florida."
Aug 09 @ 00:29
Sounds like a very scary place. I agree that stories are scary as well.

I always get spooked in cemetaries. Not during the day, but the couple of times I have gone at night to get pictures, I have practically jumped out of my skin. The haunted factor gets me, but also, you never know who is lurking about...so I've never strayed too far away from my car. Which doesn't make for great picture taking. [Roll Eyes]

That site you posted is great! A lot of great pictures. I'm going to go have another look! [Wink]
Aug 09 @ 00:58
Creepy place! I want to research this place too! I will see what I can find out and maybe we can all compare notes.

Annabel Lee
Aug 09 @ 01:56
Candi, most stonings took place during the 1600's and they did stone people for (suspected) witchcraft. For the most part, the practice ended in the 1700's, at least in the Western world.

Is there a church in existance anywhere near by? If so, you may get some information from church records. I don't think I would volunteer the information that I was ghost hunting, sometimes just saying you are doing some historical research is a better excuse.

The place reminds me of an old cemetary in Louisiana that some of my relatives are buried in. It is notoriously haunted also, and I've gotten some good pictures there. There are also quite a few legends surrounding it.
Aug 09 @ 02:12
Trin, I always get spooked in cemetarys at night too. Especially if there is only one other person with you. The more people the less scary it is. Last time we went to the Gootleburg Cemetary, which is supposed to be the most haunted in Western NY, we had 8 people with us. 5 of which weren't interested... I think that's why we didn't see anything. Plus everyone was loud and cracking jokes. Is it possible to scare spirits away?? During the day I like to go to cemetarys... they are so quite and peaceful. I think abandoned buildings are terrifying at night! I'm not sure why though... I think it's cause you never know what might be around the next corner! [Shock]

Annabel- That would be cool if you researched it too! I don't know how much you will find online though. I have tried and not found too much unfortunatly. A lot of people were spelling it - Guernsey and when I searched it like that I found two sites with pictures of "glowing tombstones" from there. Let me know if you find anything though!!

Carrie- I asked my mom about stonings also and she said it all started back in the time of Jesus or that there is a case of it happening back that far. That is so awful that people actually did that! That is such torture.
I'm pretty sure there was no church near by but I will have to search the area a little more.. you would think there would have to be one semi close.
You know I never get any pictures with anything in it!! Is it possible to capture something during the day? or is it only at night? Even at night I've never gotten anything.

Glad everyone has enjoyed the pictures!
Aug 09 @ 15:17
Candi, your mother is correct. Stonings did take place during the time of Christ, and long before. However, in what we know as the U.S. it was typically done during the 1600's. Think of the Salem Witch Trials.

As old as the graves are, there may or may not be an existing church. I'm sure there probably was one at one time. Also, it is very possible (and much safer) to take ghost pics during the day! Even having several friends around at night in an isolated cemetary, especially one with a reputation for occult rituals, is not always safe.
I'm always more afraid of the living ghouls than the dead ones.

I've gotten some very good daytime pics in the past. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does occasionally. You sometimes have to really study the pic before an anomally shows up. Good luck and happy haunting!!
Aug 09 @ 15:37
To be honest, most of the pictures are pretty nice. Pretty pleasant in fact.
I do sense some energy to the place (not normal). A strange kind of energy, as from a person, in the one JUST INSIDE TO THE RIGHT. A late middle aged rustic kind of fellow (maybe a farmer but more with wood/hunting). He's looking away and partly bent over. Like working on something.

Though every time I look at the picture PIC OF THE CROSS I sense something disturbing. I don't know what it is. There is something not right in the area to the left of the cross. Not as a spirit there but a history of something bad happening. What's in the middle of the grass there? I get the feeling of someone doing something very misquided and stupid. It makes my head swim.

I tend to lean towards what Carrie has been saying. I'm very doubtful anyone in the past few hundred years would have stoned someone. But religious fanatics may have gone that far.
I keep hearing the word stone when I look at the gravestones to the cross's left. Not as in grave stones but rocks.
Maybe your story has influenced my mind.

Check into the people. Who are THEY? The ones who have supposed to have done it. If you can't find a history of a people who would do such a thing then you are very likely looking at an urban legend.
So often someone makes up a story. Someone passes it on and it gets bigger and better with each telling. Often teenagers with active imaginations. =)
Aug 09 @ 18:27

I haven't had a chance to go over to the town where the cemetary is during the day yet to research but I did go back there at nite!!

Me and one of my girlfriends went at about midnight over there. We definitely shouldn't have gone alone since there could have been creeps out there but we were very percautious about it. (Brought the handy baseball bat hehe)

We were creeeeeeeeeeeeeped out! We got there... it's about 10 mins from any actual town or any kind of civilization and we parked so that the headlights were shining up the path. That scared us even more! We had a huge spot light that her b/f had given us to use but neither one of us were about to stick our arms out the window! So we decided since we were both about to pee our pants from being so scared to drive back to town, use a bathroom and give ourselves a pep talk. This cemetary is about an hour from where we live and we weren't about to go all the way out there and not go in! So we went down and did what we had to do and talked to ourselves and headed back up there. We felt a lot better this time and we backed in so that we couldn't see up there. We got out, locked arms and traveled up the path to the cemetary. She had never been there before so she didn't know what to expect. We didn't hear anything nor see anything but then again we didn't stay there long enough lol! We were too scared! We walked to the back to the cross and we both noticed that it was growing extremely cold the closer we got to it. We kissed it (Cause that's what every one has told me that your supposed to do) and then we turned around and walked quite quickly out. I took a few pix with a digital but haven't had a chance to get them on the computer cause it's my bro's camera and he has the hook ups but it doesn't look like I captured anything... [Cry] FIGURES
So nothing really scary happened when we were there but we think that if we would have stayed longer something would have happened.. next time we are bringing a couple of strong, brave men with us hehe.
The scariest thing happened to me though after I dropped her off. I had just started off after pulling out of the driveway and all of a sudden there was this loud scratching sound coming from my trunk!!! It sounded like someone or something was in there!! I was about to have a heart attack!!! It lasted about 30 seconds. A minute later my cell rang and it was my friend she had forgotten her purse in my car. I was like thank God I think there is something in my trunk! So I went back and we opened the trunk and there was nothing... The whole ride home I felt like someone was in the back seat going to grab me at any moment and I was scared to death to look out my rear view mirror. So I turned it up to the ceiling so I wouldn't be tempted to look and I drove the rest of the way home with the dome light on lol and kept checking over my shoulder. [Laughing]
We went nite before last and last nite when I was driving home from my friends at about 1 am I got the same feeling and had to turn the light on again! I feel like a moron but I don't know what's going on... could it all be in my head or is my car haunted now?!!!

Just thought I would share the story with you guys! I've very proud of myself that I got the guts up to go up there at nite!

Hopefully shortly I'll be going up durning the day to do some research (it's just so far away) and when I find out any info I'll post it!

[Rainbow Smiley] Candi
Aug 14 @ 00:31
There could be someone in your car.
One of the reasons why I don't go to cemetaries often is sometimes you pick up hitchhikers. They follow you back to your car and hitch a ride.
The internet has lots of stories of people picking up hitchhikers. I've felt them myself. The exact same thing you descibed (less the trunk scratching).
Running into ghosties wherever doesn't bother me. Having one in your car while you're driving freaks me out. I completely tune them out.

Please be careful on these trips. They can be a lot of fun but you are chancing picking up someone you may not want around.
Aug 16 @ 15:06
Wow! sounds like you did have some fun/scary moments. I have to argee 110% with Nakis about brnging back hitchhikers. Not only can it happen in cemetaries but you can bring them to and from a place where they reside. It sadly did that to my bf. i was haveing trouble with this spirit wanting to turn my water on to switching the lights on in my apt. My bf spends the weekends with me, i drove him back and that night, it happened to him. When i got home e spirt ad left. Then i thought-darn i bet i know where he went-lol. The pics where great btw! I hope you find out some more about the place sounds interesting:)
Aug 16 @ 22:24
Hi...Could someone please give me exact directions to get to Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery? Thank you so much!
Aug 25 @ 01:40
OK, I've never been there before, but I'm going there tomorrow. My plan is to take my camera and maybe an audio recorder. I'm just curious how active Guernsey Hollow is during the daytime, between noon and 3:00 PM? Would I be wasting my time or not?
Oct 28 @ 20:26


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