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Forum - red lights, anyone?

A couple of nights ago I woke up and saw something really strange. There was a dark red light shining on the bedroom door. I sat up, kinda freaked out, and just stared at it. Then slowly it faded away. First I thought it was just light from a car, but then I remembered I don’t have a road anywhere near my window, so… In the morning my mom started telling me about a strange, red light on her bedroom door. Turned out she’d seen the same thing. Have anyone experienced something like this? Or heard anything about it?

Both my mom and I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, seeing weird things in our rooms. But we’ve never seen the same thing before. I’m wondering if it means something.

Jan 20 @ 14:20
I haven't been ignoring this topic just not sure how to answer your question. Where I used to live red orbs of varying sizes would float around in the bedroom. Once a large one parked up on the ceiling about a foot away from the light fixture and then started flashing brightly. I thought the light was shorting out until I realized the flashes weren't coming from the light at all but next to it. Where I now live, small red orbs have started appearing in the master bedroom recently. I have no idea what they could be or what could be causing them though.

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Jan 23 @ 03:35
Hi, If you look under "orb question" under ghostly evp's etc..... I posted some pictures of a red mist??? I picked up on the Heebie ghost cam. The first photo is posted and right below is a link to photobucket.com, that has the second photo with the red mist. Is this the kinda thing you saw?
Jan 26 @ 16:20
Well, no actually, it wasn’t really a mist or anything like that. It was just as if someone had pointed a red light at the door, like from a car or something. But as I said, it couldn’t have been that.
But a couple of nights earlier I did see a huge cloud or mist come sweeping into the room, with lots of colours (mainly red, though). It got me a bit confused, since I was perfectly awake. The same night my mom saw a lamp walk through her bedroom. No, I’m not kidding, she said it looked like a lamp, of all things. Are we weired, or are other people seeing stuff like this as well?
Jan 26 @ 18:31
Well if you and your mom are weird then most the people on this board would be 'weird' too. My husband doesn't believe in ghosts and my 3 kids are young (oldest is 7) so some days I feel like maybe I'm just going nuts since I see and hear things no one else does. And it's not like speaking to anyone in the family about it can help things. Lately I've been seeing orb like things. I don't really know what they are, but nothing has been red. There was a blue one sitting on the floor the other night and I stared at it for about 2 seconds and it just vanished in front of my eyes. Then I've been seeing white orbs zooming through the room.

But hey if you are weird for seeing it, then I think you're in good company. [Laughing]
Jan 26 @ 19:28
yes I have seen something in those sorts but it wasn't a red light it was a shadow of a person like they walked behind a wall when I noticed them.
Feb 09 @ 20:38
I have been wanting to share our story on the ghost story page since joining the SK site however not sure where to begin and there is so much to tell. [Eek!] I need to find a way to shorten it without leaving out to many details. (I mentioned a wee bit in ghosts and spirits in a reply to Remo a few days ago).
Here is a little more on our encounters with red lights/orbs. In our previous home (over 80yrs old) on several occassions a small red light or orb appeared in the bedroom and in our living room. It was bright red, very solid, and a little smaller in size to the white orbs that were also often seen in the home. I would guess it to be smaller than a little grape yet big enough to notice. The brightness in it's color also made it very visible to the eye. Like the white orbs it moved about the room rather quickly often hovering near the ceiling or in a corner of the room. Each time we saw this red orb it moved about for a few seconds and then very quickly a number of tiny white orbs (like pin lights really) would encircle it and they would vanish into the ceiling and on one occassion out the living room window.
It was the strangest thing to see, I only wish we had a video camera then to record it. We believed that the white ones were the protecters that would surround the red one(perhaps a darker entity?) and send it away. I would love to know if that is what it was and if not then what? Over the 6 years we lived in that home only a hand full of times did we witness the red light compared to the countless times the white ones were seen. I know this all sounds very odd and I often get strange looks when I tell this to people (I don't share as much anymore) but I see I am not alone here. Thanks all for sharing yours and letting me tell mine. Hopefully someone out there has some answers. [Sigh]

Cat =)
Feb 10 @ 00:18
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Feb 10 @ 03:17
I just wanted to say that I saw pretty much the same thing. Since I was in high school, every few months I wake up paralyzed with a black silhouette standing next to me. Watching me. It takes me a few tries to yell out, and when I do, it disappears and I am "released" (for lack of better words). This doesn't just happen in the house or apartment I'm staying in. I'm somewhat of an outdoorsman, and it has happened to me out in the field...in the middle of the woods. Recently, I saw a red light on my ceiling near the foot of my bed. I sleep in a basement, no light gets down there. I too thought it looked like car brake lights. It didn't take long for the lights to fade and disappear. More things have been happening more often. Baby toys turning on in a toy trunk next to me. Movies I watch pause or fast forward unexpectedly. If anyone has any advise, please send it my way. I'm not sleeping very well lately because of it.
Oct 13 @ 08:58
Not too be all Paranormal Activity about it, but do you have access to a video camera you could set up at night, Cplnlh922?
Oct 23 @ 00:36
I have seen the red lights a couple of times too. I've only ever seen them while sleeping at my boyfriends condo. He lives across from a grave yard so perhaps this has something to do with it. The first time I saw the red lights I was alone at his place and fell asleep on the ground watching TV. I don't know what woke me but around 3 am I woke up and on the far wall across from me it loomed like a bunch of red laser beams. It almost looked like an alarm system using red lasers that criss cross (like in the movies) and I thought maybe my boyfriend had a system I didn't know about. I even blinked a few times and the lights remained. Eventually the red lights faded and I knew it couldn't have been anything "real" and wrote it off as some form of hallucination. A few months later my boyfriend (who is a very active sleeper--talking and moving while asleep, confusing sleep with reality, etc..) while we were falling asleep he claimed to see a shadow figure leaning over me while I was sleeping. He glared at it and as soon as he did he said it dropped quickly to the ground and slithered/crawled out the bedroom door. He woke me to tell me and I felt very unnerved about it all. I myself had had one small experience with a shadow figure but it was several years prior after going to a psychic whom contacted my deceased father. It took three nights before that shadow figure stopped following me.
Anyhow about 2 months after my boyfriend saw the shadow person I awoke in the morning around dawn to see a red sputnik shaped orb floating near the ceiling by the window. It was pretty intense and was moving in a hover like manner. It's strange because my boyfriends bedroom windows look out on the graveyard. After blinking a few seconds the orb disappeared and I told my boyfriend about it immediately.

I've also had some pretty crazy lucid dream experiences in my life. 3 or 4 exactly and every time I lucid dream I first experience sleep paralysis and try so hard to get up and leave my body. My latest sleep paralysis/lucid dream occurred at my boyfriends a couple of months ago (this was after the occurrence of the shadow person). I was trying hard to get out of my body by throwing myself on the floor beside the bed (fyi this is metaphysical and not a physical experience). After I managed to leave my body I was sitting on the bedroom floor by the door and there was a creepy white little demon growling at me. It was unnerving but I wasn't terrified of him. I woke up shortly after that. This is the first time I've seen any entity of life while lucid dreaming. The first time I ever lucid dreamed I was trying so hard to leave my body (grabbing on to the door knob trying to pull myself out and attempting to hurl my body over the edge of the bed) and each time I tried to pull myself out a form of elastic would snap me back in. I looked at the elastic force and it was a silver cord. I woke up and felt exhausted so I Google silver cord lucid dream and apparently what I saw was "the silver cord of life". I had no prior knowledge of anything of the sort. I was only 18 and raised Christian my whole life. These energies and experiences did not exist or play a role in my upbringing.

Obviously some form of energy follows me or I am susceptible to the energies around me and have a clear sight of them while in sleep mode. I will continue to update my experiences and any input would be very helpful : )
Dec 22 @ 09:34
This happens in my bedroom a couple of times a week. I live in a secluded area in the woods. I usually wake up and see the red light (more like a red mist) in the attached bathroom. The first time it happened I was scared- But then when it started being a regular occurrence I just calmly lay and watch it. It it always "lit up" when I wake up. The mist has stayed for as long as 20 mins....... Then it very slowly fades to black. I have no idea what is is. Has this happened to anyone?
Jan 02 @ 19:59


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