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Forum - disappearing village?

Hello people!
Some time ago I had a dream in which I was told to write abook about a village/city that has disappeared. I was to find information about this village in something called Corinne, or from someone with that name. I was then shown a bookshelve in the library that I had never seen before. In it there was books about native americans. When I woke up I understood that this was an important dream. I went to the library, found the bookshelve from the dream, and yes, it contained books about native americans. But nothing called Corinne. So now I'm asking you people! Have any of you heard about Corinne? I think it's supposed to be a book, propbably containing myths. Or have you heard about a village or city called something like Chicid...? I'd be grateful for any answer!
Jan 19 @ 16:42
The only thing that comes to mind is maybe they were talking about The Koran? It's not Native American though.

In 1972, during the restoration of the Great Mosque of Sana'a, in Yemen, laborers working in a loft between the structure's inner and outer roofs stumbled across tens of thousands of fragments from close to a thousand different parchment codices of the Koran, the Muslim holy scripture. It is the Muslim belief that the Koran as it has reached us today is quite simply the perfect, timeless, and unchanging Word of God.

As for the village, I have no idea... I tried to find something of that spelling or something similar and came up with nothing.
Jan 20 @ 12:58
Hm...I hadn’t actually thought about the Koran. I should check it up, see if there is anything in it I’m supposed to read. Although I’m pretty sure what I’m looking for has something to do with the Americas, perhaps the Aztecs or Mayans.
Thanks for the tip!
Jan 20 @ 14:03
I recently remember reading about a whole village that disapeared and if I recall it was in the Northern United States. It seems though as if it were early settlers and not native americans. I will press my brain to remember and get back to you if i do.
Jan 20 @ 21:01
greenfaeriequeen, I think what you are referring to is the lost colony of Roanoke in Virginia. The colony governor left for England in 1587 seeking relief and assistance for the colony. When the relief expedition returned in 1590, no trace of the settlers was found -- only the word "croatoan" carved on a post.
Jan 20 @ 21:37
I suggest you just keep your eyes and mind open. Try not to think in the sources of information you are used to finding. Perhaps Corrine is the name of a hypnotherapist. Try to avoid going with the spelling and stick with the way the word sounds if you only heard it rather than saw it spelled out.
If this is message about something you should do you should end up finding the trail you need to follow as long as you stay open. Use your intuition.
Good luck.
Jan 22 @ 16:03
I am interested in this topic myself. I find it intriguing that you mentioned Native Americans. I lived near an Indian Reservation when I had a strange experience. A friend and I, probably age 12-13 at the time, were exploring the woods when we came out onto a field. At the far end of the field was a big red barn. Fearing getting yelled at for trespassing, we ran home rather than investigating. We figured we would inquire about the barn and maybe get permission to explore it. My friend's father insisted there was no barn there, but we were adamant. Eventually he agreed to accompany us to the location where, sure enough, no barn existed. For years I stored that away in my brain and chewed on it every now and then. Recently I heard a podcast where they were interviewing some guy who claimed he was driving...Don't really remember, the Midwest? Arizona?....and came across a town where the people knew about a little village that was completely visible, full of people and buildings, but would randomly vanish. The interviewee actually experienced the phenomena before continuing on his way. It is worth noting that this was located near an Indian Reservation as well.

I would be interested to know if you have made any progress with your dream. I have had two dreams that sound eerily similar to yours in the sense that they force you out of yourself and seem to be maps for your life that need to be followed. I have since stored those dreams away as well since the trail has grown cold so-to-speak, but Im always on the lookout for the next clue. Good Luck!
Aug 17 @ 19:14


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