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Okay so one day me, my friend, and my brother decided to play charlie charlie. The first time, my brother was in the room and nothing happened. Later that night me and my friend felt something touch us and we both thought it was each other. But we confirmed that it wasn't. So in the morning we decided to play one more time. We got the paper, balanced the pencils, and lit a candle. This time something did happen. We asked him if we could play and it immediately moved to yes. Neither me or my friend was touching the table or blowing, i know because i was watching mostly. (plus you would need something like a straw to do that). We asked him if we could leave and it went to no so fast then dropped. My friend blew out the candle and ran away so fast!! I ran too screaming. Later we decided to play again with Max, my brother, and it didn't work. Something about my brother in there, it never worked for some reason. Anyway, we asked him if we could play, nothing happened, then we asked him if we could leave, still nothing. My brother walked out saying it was fake and stuff. As soon as he left, the pencil went straight to no!!! We were so scared!! Later we burned the paper and broke the pencils because that's what you have to do supposedly. But after that, weird things started happening to me and my friend. Me and my friend were standing in the kitchen, my friend heard voices then something, i think charlie started to scratch her, she would get scratch marks on her skin. Then he unzipped the side of her pants. She claimed that the voices were in some kind of foreign language, like ancient or something. Maybe Native American, i don't know. We ran out to the living room then my friend told me to sit still because she felt a presence. I was too scared to move so i did what she said, crying. She said it was none other than our friend, Charlie. She said he was talking to her, she kept saying no out of nowhere. I asked her what he was saying and she said he was telling her to sacrifice one of us to save him. i asked from who, she said mama. Charlie isn't bad, he is a good spirit or ghost. He only wants saving. He told us to play the game again so we did later but nothing happened. My friend, Brandi, started writing something on paper in some weird writing in another language and found out it meant, "Must Kill Mama." She got up and said she saw a shadow and saw charlie pointing to the kitchen, guess he wanted us to play the game. Like i said, nothing happened that time. And when i was sitting down on the couch, i heard him whisper, "Kill Mama." Guess i wasn't imagining it. Then i was standing in the kitchen, when a pen dropped out of nowhere behind me, i asked Brandi if she threw it and she said, "Threw what?" I was losing it. Then she said a ball moved out of nowhere, when she left that same ball rolled in the middle of my room with no explanation. Also Brandi said once she felt drops of water out of nowhere. I thought she was lying but now the same thing keeps happening to me. I keep feeling drops of water out of nowhere, but i'm completely dry and there's no cracks in the ceiling. I tried writing to charlie and when i did, i felt another drop of water every time. I think he is sad and is trying to tell me something but can't. He needs help. If anyone plays this game, please don't take it as a joke, Charlie is real, i can't believe i'm saying this but he is, and he needs someone to save him from mama. Me and my friend tried to play again but mama threatened to kill us. Has anyone else played this game and experienced these things too? Save Charlie!!
Jun 25 @ 15:28


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