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Investiagtion involving a child

I am requesting a pier review and comments. I seem to be at a crossroads decision here. And I'm afraid the wrong decision could prove disastrous:

The clients are 40 something couple with 3 yr old daughter. He is a school teacher specializing in gifted and learning disabled children. She is a psychiatrist. They adopted the girl. The wife is is third generation Japanese and he is Anglo. Both are deep in spiritual belief but very open. Switching churches / faith beliefs without much quorum.
The initial contact was by email. A previous group had started investigating but fel on personal trageties after the hard investigations. We all feel that was circumstantial. The complaints were shadow people in the trees, apparition of a woman which interacted and spoke. Night terrors, disembodied voices, disembodied radios, strong feeling of dread and invasion. Feeling of depression and overall drain of energy. The husband has been erotically touched. Also a male presence feeling in one bedroom.
The phone interview was smooth so I proceeded with first visit - solo. Found them both to be warm and cognitive. Spoke long and concluded with a guided walk through to the hot spots. I experienced two pass troughs. That is, a spirit passed through me twice. When leaving I was pounded with the sense of presence and dread to the point I pull over and performed a simple exorcism of the car. Please understand, I am not normally sensitive. In fact felt I wasn't at all until now. Even been accused of being the "anti-ghost".
The next step for me was a soft investigation, leaving the clients / home in tact. My daughter is sensitive and planned her to come with. A few days prior the wife had a night terror of being gang raped, waking with the "associated pains". I'll just leave it as that. I almost didn't let my daughter come with but she insisted and we did our best to take caution.
The night was really not that active. Most batteries did drain. My daughter picked up on a few spots that correlated with the claims. Otherwise no personal experience. Reviewing the video / audio we had two EVP's and video of shadows passing through a laser grid. That REALLY surprised me. I thought we walked away with a no-show night.
I met the clients at a different location and showed them what was found. As we found pretty good evidence backing their claims and the overall amount of activity we all agreed on a full blown investigation. I would start organizing and having the history of the location, family and a few objects completed. As well as bring in the entier team.
The following week the wife fell ill and was taken to the ER. Spent the night and found to be having gall bladder spasms. The clients started to be convinced that the spirits were affecting them. Four days later the husband dropped white to the floor in a Walgreen's. Taken to the ER and found to have lost two pints of blood. Long story short on that, and 7 blood transfusions later he had a lacerated ulcer. No prior symptoms.
I met with the wife while the husband was in ICU, and had text contact with him. Both wanted a cleansing as quickly as possible. I was able to bring a psychic and a trained sensitive out. I had seen them both work but had no direct interaction prior. On such a short notice I was happy.
They stated that there was a woman outside who bounced back and forth from humanity to monstrous. Her daughter resided in the basement and was a cute 7 year old. The husband, but not the father, had either died off site or was still living. His negative energy resided upstairs. Negative because he raped both and killed the wife. A second human male, very evil used this energy to terrorize. The shadow people were his "homies".
I hadn't shared hardly anything about the haunt and the story did have many parallels to details. They proceeded to cleanse the house and cleanse the wife. The ties to the husband were cut. We all agreed that when the husband retuned we would come back out to cleanse him. We also all agreed that many cleansings might be needed.
The husband began to turn around the same day and was released two days after the cleansing. There was also good news for the wife, no surgery and no stones. I almost called a goal on this one.
The husband now has contacted me stating that the daughter was complaining of monsters. I didn't get concerned as children can pick up on themes of activity and act them out. But then banging, noises and such started to return. The husband started to be touched again. Now more aggressive and wide awake. Starting at his feet and working up. Additionally he can hear a male voice in hs daughters breathing as she sleeps. Words like "take it down" he relates to garland he just hung. The wife is having positively sexually charged dreams as well.
I'm advising continued cleansing as well as psychic protection. Prayer, meditation, change the environment for the haunt as well as the taste. Also plan to return with a different psychic to see and cleanse them both. I also suggested that they allow me to contact the Catholic Church to request a blessing. They in turn requested that we conduct a full onsite investigation with the team in an attempt to better identify the entity or entities.
I feel though that this is not a human haunting and that the previous psychic, while may not be all that incorrect, did not pick up on a possible demonic presence. With that I plan to return for a controlled investigation. See if we can't indirectly get a name though a godbox, EVP or such. Also place religious artifacts as trigger objects. I don't want direct contact and do not want to push the already increasing activity but feel there may be no choice.
A possible theory is a jealous succubus. I believe that the husband could be beyond sensitive and that one of the new age churches he attended had him channeling. This brought in a negative energy. This energy could have been or morphed into the succubus. This then became jealous of the relationship with the wife and started attacking.
Theories aside, how would you proceed forward?

Best Regards,

Timothy Earl
Flatland Investigations
Nov 19 @ 03:00
I read your post, and I can't help but feel there must be some non-paranormal explanation for all of this. My advice would be, if couple is up to it and can afford it, have them each get an ultrasound and an EGD. They both experienced physical problems, the woman with gall bladder issues and the man with an ulcer, both of which can be caused by certain bacteria (for example, helicobacter pylori which lives in the stomach and feeds off our sugar and carb intakes. One unhealthy meal could be enough to force these bacteria to flare up, and basically tear us apart, from the inside out). There are just so many possibilities. These bacteria could be causing discomfort, making them think they are seeing/feeling things that aren't really what they seem to be.
In my opinion, I would get them tested medically before I began experimenting with something I haven't specifically defined. Unless you can get a solid, concrete, unmistakable reaction to a stimulus through investigatory means it just isn't safe for the family. Obviously you're a smart guy though Tim, and you know in the end we just have to follow our instincts. I hope you get to the bottom of this, and the family can finally relax.
My only request is that you update us at the end of your investigation, I'm interested in seeing how things work out.

Best Regards,
Nov 22 @ 03:58
I believe that the husband could be beyond sensitive and that one of the new age churches he attended had him channeling. This brought in a negative energy. This energy could have been or morphed into the succubus.
Apr 15 @ 02:09
This brought in a negative energy. This energy could have been or morphed into the succubus.
Jun 20 @ 03:16


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