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Forum - Targeted by the reptilians

Hello to all

My name is Szymon, I am from Poland. Since about three years I am being heavily targeted by the reptilians. By the way, I think, that Poland must be some sort of reptilian capital, they are everywhere:( So, my story goes as follows:

My troubles began in 2008 - I lost my job, a relatively good one. Then I became sort of obsessed in finding a new work, I had a constant feeling of guilt because of loosing that job. Then, only after half a year, I found another job, in a rural area, in a very beautiful part of the land. I was there one month - I had a very strange feeling about this place, like something was wrong with it.

I couldn't make the decision to stay there - it was just a village, far away from my home. I became so twisted about this thing, that I completely lost my reasoning. That was not by chance. Before I had to make the decision, which I rated as very important to my life, I began to hear voices just right in my head - "make a good decision", "oh god, why is it him", "go and stay there forever, and don't ever come back". To stay short, the voices expressed opposite arguments to get me confused about my decision. After all, I quit this job, based on the argument, that it all began there, at this place of work. Then that "something" become furious - it said "he hasn't any rights any more", "this was your last prank". I was confused, and they were doing their dirty work - the voices became aggressive, they demanded me to kill myself, they threatened me constantly.

I have to say, that before I began that job, I had a strange dream - I gave my wage to a person dressed in a coat and a hat, that person gave me a very small amount of money in exchange and showed me a black card. Then I was traveling in a bus, looking out of the window, another bus was passing by - in that bus I saw a face, which was showing an ugly grimace of hatred. Then I was in a house with bars on doors and the windows, and two black dogs would not let me out. That was it - with the voices in my head, I wanted to commit suicide and to draw myself in a river, but on the way there I became feared and turned back home. My mother was already looking for me, she saw, that something wasn't right and drove me the next morning to a mental institution. There it began - I had two guys there, who pretended they want to bring me up. One of them was "the bad", one "the good". They showed me, that I have to behave like an adult one and have to love god.

So, once I was out, I began to recover and to feel better - the voices were still there, but not so strong now. So, I sat a few months at home and then I found another job - right in the geographic center of Poland. I drove there and there was strangeness following strangeness. A guy sat there, who identified himself to me as "god" and he said strange things like "I was playing you around like a mouse" or "you will experience black magic". The other guy showed me a gesture like cutting the throat. I was under a constant social and psychical attack there. Believe me, these people knew what they were doing, they were exploiting my every weakness - moreover, it seemed like they knew everything about my life, including things I didn't remember any more. I think the guy playing "god" want's to take my soul, because he even tried to behave like me and mimick my way of speaking and tried to learn as much as possible about me. My evil counterpart, so to say. I think, he was the person with the coat and hat from my dream.

So, I did hold out under this constant attack for two years. I had many unpleasant arguments with my workmates, some were near to a fight. One day I could not stand it and became overtly aggressive - then they decided to fire me. I was very happy with that decision - neither I liked the town of Wloclawek, neither its people or the job. I packed my things and drove back to my home town near Szczecin on the western border of Poland. After I stepped out of a train I saw a young woman with a baby carriage, who said to me: "You are gonna live in Klucz". (Klucz is a village near Szczecin, where my grandmother lives). But something changed - the people often became unfriendly and aggressive towards me, I had the feeling, they got rid of someone they really hated and now they can do everything they want. They didn't hide any more and showed me a nasty and hateful behaviour, which said: you are not welcome here, go away. Again, I stayed there for a few months and found another job, only after four months. That is, where I currently make my living. The people there are not so unfriendly any more, but I feel, they are treating me like a sort of idiot, although they can't beat me on the engineering ground for long. I can't send any positive feeling to them, because they are exploiting that to my harm, in such moments I feel strong negative energy. Guess what: I have an ID card with an rfid chip, which can be used in canteen, interesting? At my present place of work, if I sit and think of a colleague sitting near me, it's like he is leaving his body and coming into my mind - a very strong, negative force. Hence my opinion that they are some sort of clones (body containers) for the wicked. I live in a hotel, and believe being subject to psychical manipulation - the people in the current place are not friendly, I feel like they want to suck my lifeforce out. This is unbelievable, they are anywhere!

I forgot to say, the voices identified themselves as gypsies. That means, they want to steal everything they want from you - especially your soul. And that's it, what it is all about - to corrupt your soul. They are working with different psychological techniques, including traumatizing and putting an "inception" in your mind, which would bring fruits in the near future. They let me know, I am a sort of property and cattle to them and they can do with me, whatever they desire to. I feel, they have a strong sense of superiority, near to megalomania and want to be praised as gods. I forgot to say, that I lived for six years in the town in Ingolstadt, Germany. Its the town of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. "They" told me, that I have been programmed there. My (former) best friend and my mother are one of "them", they were near me all the time to exercise their control and to look, what I am doing. I think, that many of people nowadays, especially the Poles (as I know them at best), are some sort of clones with wicked souls in them - they are gathering for some reason on earth, and that is no good news for us. Maybe they are loosing earth and want to take as many as they can with them? If you establish emotional contact with them, they are able to alter your state of mind and your thoughts. Your state of mind is the source of your thoughts - it's the foundation, on which your conscious thinking is working.

Now, what I think is that they are pushing they agenda forth and want to take out the people, which would have been an obstacle to their plans. They are exploiting a wide range of techniques to achieve their goal. They alter the state of mind of the people, in order to achieve the behavioral patterns they desire. Did you notice, that they aren't hiding any more from us? Look into the TV and the politics. I think, they are preparing something big, maybe a war. I don't know, who they are, Reptilians, Illuminati or simple daemons, but the latter comes closest to my experience. Maybe they want humanity to be wiped out, or maybe they want us to be their slaves, anyway, they have nothing good in for us.

Now, you can dismiss me as a lunatic, but since 2008 my life is being completely overthrown and I don't recognize the world any more - I have contact to other persons with similar experiences and they confirm, that something is not right here. If you feel secure and comfortable, then I suggest to wake up and open your eyes - otherwise you will be an easy prey. Prepare for something big coming in and don't let be fooled by the politicians - most of the politicians are in this thing and it will be bad for us.

Now, I am working in one room with these "things", and it seems, that they are helping the guy from the centre of Poland to possess me and take my soul. Sounds unbelievable, but that's what they are after. They can project thoughts and mind states into me, which helps that "thing" to feed on my life force. The have a collective mind and no emotions, nor a soul. I think, they want to replace the human race with their clones. I must be really hated by them, because now even children stalk at me (you wouldn't believe it, a 9 years old said to me in a bus: "I have defeated you for the second time").

Now, they have some weaknesses: if you don't show any fear, they become intimidated and sometimes don't know what to do. They also fear the word "God", really. These are really nasty beings and hate us extraordinarly, we are meant to be wiped out. Let me know, what you are thinking of all that stuff and how we are gonna cope with this? If you have any questions about the reptilians and their modus operandi, feel free to ask, because now I know a lot about it.

Finally, here are some photos I made recently:


Looks like a draco??


RFID device at place of work.


Screenshot of software at place of work - notice the spider net around the world.


Polish girl cheering on Euro 2012.


On the right, the wife of former President of Poland, Lech Walesa. Notice the lizard look.
Jul 18 @ 19:13
The pictures again, something went wrong:


Looks like a draco??


RFID device at place of work.


Screenshot of software at place of work - notice the spider net around the world.


Polish girl cheering on Euro 2012.


On the right, the wife of former President of Poland, Lech Walesa. Notice the lizard look.
Jul 18 @ 19:19


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