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Forum - Night of the Beast: A True Paranormal Investigation

a book that investigates the murder of a businessman, how he haunted his old house, and the supernatural forces and instances that slowly revealed his killer 33 years later

This is a chapter from a book I wrote on my last paranormal investigation. This one was based on psychic and supernatural means to find a killer who was dead and had passed throug the veil. It's called Night of the Beast: A True Paranormal Investigation. You can get it on Amazon. Hope you like it:

Arabian Squares come from an angel called Metatron, who was
formerly known as Enoch, who, even among the mythos and tales of Floods, Whales, parted seas and Revelations, transcends the Biblical norm and is a myth-among-myths. Civilization never
would have known his word, outside of a few references in Genesis and the Koran and Gnostic texts, had his scrolls not been found in Cave 4 of Qumran in a place called the Dead Sea.
Enoch was an Old Testament elder who lived 365 years. As
with everything with this character, his very age holds magic 365 is the exact number of days in a calendar year. There are 365.2422 solar days in the mean tropical year, while several solar calendars
have a year containing 365 days. Judaism holds that there are 365 negative commandments. The name of the deity Abraxas, which is on so many ancient charms, amulets and stones, in Greek notation, numbers 365. Abraxas is found in Gnostic texts and has been claimed to have been a demon, an Egyptian god and, in some cases to represent God and the Devil in the same countenance. The name
most likely is the semantic root for the magical word abracadabra.
After 365 years of earthly life, Enoch "walked with God; then
he was no more for God took him.‖All the major religions: middleeastern
- Jewish, Christian and Muslim - agree he was taken away
without death lighting on him because he was so obedient to God and so just as a man; it was Noah, his great-grandson who would save humanity during the Flood. Was it he who spoke to Noah?
Perhaps. During his ascension into Heaven, he was shown all the miracles and mysteries of existence including the power the moon and the stars had over men in this mortal realm:
Then another angel, who proceeded with me, spoke to
me; 2And showed me the first and last secrets in heaven
above, and in the depths of the earth: 3In the extremities of
heaven, and in the foundations of it, and in the receptacle
of the winds. 4He showed me how their spirits were divided;
how they were balanced; and how both the springs and the
winds were numbered according to the force of their spirit.
5He showed me the power of the moon's light, that its
power is a just one; as well as the divisions of the stars.
After his ascension, he became the angel Metratron. The
Babylonian Talmud tells of Acher who entered Paradise and saw
Metatron sitting down in Heaven. Only God was allowed to sit
down in Heaven. Acher then blurted out, ―There are two powers in Heaven!‖ To show that there was only power in Heaven, Metratron received sixty lashes with fiery rods. After all, he was the Scribe of Heaven, the most important angel perhaps, but not a god.
Immortal, Enoch still speaks to mortals. Dr, John Dee and his
seer Edward Kelley filled journals with what they claimed to be
transmissions from Enoch in ―angelic language.‖ They called this language ―Adamical,‖ ―Language of Angels,‖ Celestial Speech‖; in short, the language Adam used to name everything in the Garden. It is called Enochian because Enoch was supposed to have been the
last one to have understood this language of Heaven.
Enoch still intercedes in the mortal realm and has over the
course of history. The Muslims claim he invented sewing;
Egyptians still use his Arabian Square to see the fortunes of the
future; the world over is covered with Metraton's Cube:
The cube, also called the Fruit of Life, is made of 13 circles
(that magical number) connected by straight lines. It is based on sacred geometry, such as the Golden Mean. The early Kabalists believed that Metratron formed the cube from his very Soul; it was also commonly believed that it was a holy glyph that could ward off evil and Satanic power.
Enoch was also the creator of the Arabian Square, which is
supposed to tell fortunes of love, money and fame ... or the lack thereof.
Some versions of the square
a r e t e r r i b l y c omp l e x ,
coordinating the fate of the
querant with the alignment of
astrological bodies. This is a
very simple version. Basically,
the querant concentrates on a
question and randomly chooses a
letter from which to begin. Then,
after the letter is chosen, the
querant counts eight to the right,
stops and notes the letter. Letter
by letter a message is revealed in
answer to the question in mind.
Having delved into the psychic waters already, I figured I may
as well keep swimming to see what turned up. I read about the square and, though I thought it had to be a fraud, some kind of numbers game at best, I decided to test it out. Alone at my desk, I kept the question in mind: Will I ever know the identity of the killer? I dropped my pencil on the chart and it landed on P. I counted off eights carefully and the following block emerged:
Initially, this looks like a mess, but broken up properly, it sends
a clear message:
Okay, I thought, not bad for a man of 365 years. Not bad
Enoch, but answer me this one and I'll be more impressed: Did
Matt Marquette kill Robert Dirscherl? Again, a seeming mess
Then, I broke up the letters into words:
A chill went down my spine. It was a ―hard road,‖ thirty years
of anguish for the Dirscherl family, three decades of sputtering
investigations and frustration; but now, the goal was in sight, even if it was not totally ―sure‖. Yet, it was the last part of the prophecy that chilled me, mostly because of the accuracyenough so that he would have been at their house on weekends; moreover, he was ―false‖
enough to be as deceptive as a snake. That was his reputation in the neighborhood, where he had been found rummaging through
unattended garages, walking into unlocked homes and stealing from his own boss at work.
Still, I was skeptical and could not believe how a square
concocted by the Scribe of Heaven could have such an insight. I
went to see Barbara Dirscherl to see what she thought of the
phenomenon. She thought of a question: Is what we're doing what Bob [Robert Dirscherl] wants us to do? And she chose her starting letter, E and counted off eight at a time. The following emerged:
I counted backward to find the preceding letters:
All together it read:
FRIEND SEEKS TO DO YOU AN INJURYHad I counted farther back, I am sure it would have read:
Two different people, hours apart, with questions on
roughly the same topic and the same prophecy unfolded from a square old Enoch, whose Soul formed the Fruit of Life, aligned with the stars in Heaven. I still was not sure if there was anything to it more than coincidence in the readings, but it was an eerie coincidence.
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