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Forum - In my bedroom.

Several strange things.

About a month ago I was awakened by two voices.

the first seemed very hostile or extremly eager...
the second reminded me of my deceased sister.

this is how the conversation went:

Voice1: Wake up! (This was into my ear)
And Yeah. I woke up to that! Was very startled.
Voice2: But shes- (the first voice cut it off and shouted)
Voice1: WHY?

and then they just faded away. I was eased by the second voice so i managed to go back to sleep.

A few days ago I had just gotten out of the shower and was in my bedroom changing.
I heard a deep rasping...it sounded like panting really.
(This is embarassing)
So as i was changing it came closer to me and panted in my ear.

Needless to say....I ran out of the room and changed elsewhere. haha.

I've never had this much activity around me before. Its all so strange.
Apr 06 @ 07:26
Wow that is strange, did any of your family members die or something? Maybe your house is haunted.
Jun 25 @ 22:02


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