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<origin> the creepiest fucking thing just happened
<origin> i was just starting to edit the Resurection Mary article, and the song Resurection mary came on
<princess> haha
Dec 11 @ 10:30
2 +0
<polite> I want to make a movie about killer astrologers, and title it "Horrorscope"
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Feraligatr> lol ghosthunters
<Katsu> er what
<Feraligatr> those faggots suck at acting
<polite> that's because it's a reality show
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Sitting_here_in_limbo> how do you see peoples IPs like that
<polite> [17:29:02] * Raven228 (drakanisth@Star427670.ks.ks.cox.net) has joined #Ghosthunters
<polite> Like that
<Crispy> He's psychic
<Crispy> lol
<Sitting_here_in_limbo> you just feel it? like you dont meditate or anything?
<polite> actually my EMF detector shows me
<polite> i just move it over the nickname
<Crispy> lol
<Crispy> You are sitting in front of a computer monitor right now...
<Crispy> lol
<polite> or.. am I/
<polite> I'm actually in the bathroom and using astroprojection to project myself onto IRC
<@Raven228> LOL
<Crispy> I use that to listen to the radio without turning it on
<polite> i bet you save a lot on your electric bills, being able to use the fridge or the dryer without turning it on
<polite> or take a shower without water
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<wahrheit> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Moon_Hoax
<polite> I don't care what anyone says, I know there's life on the moon
<polite> in the form of Mike Collin's bloated corpse left inside the lunar landing module
Dec 11 @ 10:30