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Book - Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul: Living With Guidance

Author: F. Holmes Atwater; Joseph McMoneagle; Dean Radin; Skip Atwater
Stars: 0
Content: Non-Fiction
ISBN-10 1571742476
ISBN-13 9781571742476
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...(Skip) has helped guide our culture toward the discovery of the omnipresent nature of mind...the reality of Spirit. -- VERNON M. SYLVEST, M.D. Author, “The Formula”
Medical Director, Laboratory Corporation of America

...a powerful indicator of how close we are to a radical shift in our understanding of who we are. -- Dean Radin, Ph.D., The Boundary Institute

...must reading for anyone interested in ESP, remote viewing, or the way spirit can be found in modern life. -- CHARLES T. TART, PH.D. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

...take the phone off the hook and settle in, because it will be hard to put down. -- JOSEPH MCMONEAGLE Author, Remote Viewing Secrets

Skip creates an insider’s insights into Bob Monroe’s early research beyond the physical. -- SHAY ST. JOHN Vice President of Development,
Association of Unity Churches

Category: Unexplained
Jan 22 @ 09:29