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Book - The Kelly Incident

Author: Anna Karyl
Stars: 0
Content: Non-Fiction
ISBN-10 0975264524
ISBN-13 9780975264522
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On a hot August night in 1955, a salt-of-the-earth farm family and some friends in rural Kentucky were terrorized for hours by something that came from the sky, something they couldn't explain. They were frightened nearly to death by something the government seemed almost desperate to explain away... or cover up. Sent on what she thought was a fool's errand to expose a fraud, an independent-minded young reporter from St. Louis is plunged head-first into mystery, intrigue and conspiracy... discovering more than she expected, far more than she had ever dreamed possible - gargoyle-like alien creatures unlike anything reported before or since. A top-down government clamp-down denied everything, and seemed to make the very witnesses disappear into thin air... haunted eye-witnesses willing to risk everything - even their sanity - to tell a story not even they are sure they can believe.

Fantastic ... Yet it's all true!

This fast-paced, riveting novel was written by a native of the small Kentucky town that became the focus of wonder, mystery and denial - a relative of the people intimately involved in this most dramatic of all documented Close Encounters. The Kelly Incident is based on a true story, a classic in the annals of Ufology. You can find a reference to this bizarre alien encounter in any major book on UFOs, because the details are unique. Though the event was investigated by authorities at every level of government, this close encounter has never been explained!

Category: UFOs
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