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Book - Invasion Washington: UFOs Over the Capitol

Author: Kevin D. Randle
Stars: 0
Content: Non-Fiction
ISBN-10 0380814706
ISBN-13 9780380814701
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On two consecutive Saturdays in July 1952, the nation's capitol was the site of two of the twentieth century's most remarkable occurrences. Radar picked up what is believed to have been eight alien aircraft racing across the night sky -- traveling at speeds and maneuvering in ways impossible for the era. Despite military coercion, forcing eyewitnesses to change their testimony -- despite the government's suppression of film, photos and official reports -- one fact remains indisputable: "they were here. And now one of the world's leading UFOlogists reveals the complete and startling truth about the astonishing phenomena dubbed "the Washington Nationals."

Category: UFOs
Jan 22 @ 09:29