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Book - The Unidentified & Creatures of the Outer Edge

Author: Jerome Clark; Loren Coleman
Stars: 0
Content: Non-Fiction
ISBN-10 1933665114
ISBN-13 9781933665115
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The Unidentified finds the links that connect supernatural folklore, religious visions, cryptozoology, and modern-day UFO stories. It documents episodes from the fringes of human experience and exposes what they may tell us about ourselves and the strange world we live in, where things – whether fairies, ghosts, divine apparitions, or ostensible extraterrestrials – may be even more mysterious than they seem.

Creatures of the Outer Edge surveys the cryptozoologically bountiful decade of the 1970s (and more) with accounts of Mothman, Owlmen, Thunderbirds, Phantom Panthers, Devil Dogs, Texas Big Birds, and, yes, of course, Bigfoot. Some of the individually "named" local Bigfoot creatures first appeared in this book, including Momo (Missouri Monster), Lake Worth Monster, Murphysboro Mud Monster, the Enfield Thing, El Reno Chicken Man, Noxie Monster, Navajo's Skinwalkers, and Yukon's Bushman. The book also introduced the now-iconic Dover Demon for the first time to the general public.

Category: Cryptozoology
Jan 22 @ 09:29