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Book - Captain Edward J. Ruppelt: Summer Of The Saucers

Author: Michael D. Hall; Wendy A. Connors
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Content: Non-Fiction
ISBN-10 0970505507
ISBN-13 9780970505507
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Captain Edward James Ruppelt served as project chief of Air Force investigations into UFO phenomena from November 1951 to September 1953. Ruppelt was an inspiration for those who wanted the issue addressed seriously. In honor of his memory, Hall and Connors have written this book. In doing so they have extensively used Ed Ruppelt’s private papers and unedited manuscript held in the capable care of Professor Michael Swords of Western Michigan University and the J. Allen Hynek Center For UFO Studies. The authors also based the book on personal interviews with those who knew and served with Ed Ruppelt. Its pages not only serve as a biography of Ed Ruppelt, but a tribute to his devotion to the United States Air Force and his family.

Category: UFOs
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