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Book - Interrupted Journey

Author: John G. Fuller
Stars: 0
Content: Non-Fiction
ISBN-10 0425030024
ISBN-13 9780425030028
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Certainly one of the most incredible UFO stories to appear, this can be read as entertainment - viewed as fantasy or the overwhelming key to many a question - or as fact. It will depend on the reader. The Hills' story has been referred to in anthologies such as Flying Saucers - Serious Business but they have been tenaciously reticent until now. Theirs is an interracial marriage, difficult enough without the added glare of "kook" publicity. However an unauthorized article placed them in the public eye and perhaps they felt they might as well take advantage of it. The book is composed mainly of transcripts from recordings taken when they were individually under deep hypnosis at the direction of psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon (whose credentials are impeccable).

They had sought help because of increased anxiety...nightmares; etc., which had to do with two unaccounted for hours following the sighting of a UFO. Under hypnosis the memories (hallucinations?) unfold into an extraordinary tale. Meanwhile Dr. Simon probes every possibility, from Betty "imposing" a subconscious dream upon Barney to folie a deux, a rare psychological phenomenon "in which two people develop a psychotic condition in which their beliefs and delusions are similar." The circumstances do not seem to warrant such conclusions but the alternative, that their obvious stress was brought about by the facts as remembered, will seem equally impossible to the reader. Nevertheless it's an intriguer that may sell. Mr. Fuller wrote the earlier Incident at Exeter.

Category: UFOs
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