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Article - Haunted Chicago

Home to celebrated figures like Al Capone, Chicago is understood to have numerous haunts spiriting about its serpentine streets. From hexed hitchhikers to phantom filled cemeteries, its apparent that the alleged cow responsible for starting the Great Chicago Fire will never truly be the city's only claim to fame.

Although notable for its many ghosts, Chicago is also rich with history. An illustrious history which has born many a rumor in its wake. We’re offering up just a small sampling here, but if you’re looking for more haunted locations in Chicago, please be sure to check out our link to Haunted Illinois at the end of this page.

[b]Resurrection Mary[/b]

Perhaps the most melancholy haunt of Chicago is Resurrection Mary. Purported to still be wandering Archer Avenue, could she be searching for solace amongst the living?

Who was Mary? Many feel she was a young girl fatally wounded by a passing car while returning from an evening of dancing with her boyfriend at the O Henry Ballroom, now known as Willowbrook. After a nasty argument, Mary stormed out into the winter's night. Her despondent parents buried her in Resurrection Cemetery, dressed in her white party dress and dancing shoes.

Since that lethal night in the 30's, numerous people have witnessed Mary roaming the road. There have been many claims of the woman in white successfully hitching a ride or two, only to vanish at her ultimate destination.

There is no doubt Mary is notorious. Spotlighted on a variety of television shows, including Unsolved Mysteries, she has certainly discovered more celebrity and recognition in her death than she might ever have had in life.

[b]Bachelor's Grove Cemetery[/b]

If there ever was a contest for the most haunted cemetery, Bachelor's Grove might just win hands down. From unusual lights to supernatural shadows, Bachelor's Grove is a treasure trove of paranormal activity. AAG was fortunate to once interview Pete Crapia, who has been investigating the cemetery for years.

When asked to account for the cemetery's popularity, Pete responded, "It could be a mixture of things. The largest being that it gets so much publicity, the power of advertisement... Then there is the mystery aspect. People love a mystery and some come to find an answer for themselves as to if this sort of activity really takes place, or to experience it again. But there is more to it for some people. There seems to be something specific about the general area of Bachelors Grove cemetery that draws people to it. This claim comes from the reports I get personally as well as from my own research. What that "something" may be is still uncertain but from the descriptions of those I've spoken to there are similarities with other areas on the planet that produce a phenomenon which relaxes people."

[b]Jane Addam's Hull House[/b]

Founded by Jane Addams in 1889 on Chicago's Near West side, this now world famous social settlement has become a prolific museum dedicated to Jane Addams and her works.

Rooted in a community where, long ago, freshly arrived immigrants fought in the streets to find their place, it would be no wonder if some of these more tenacious visitors to the home never truly left the one place where they were made to feel welcome.

Hull House is rumored to be haunted by the late Mrs. Charles Hull, the wife of the gentleman who originally built the home, thus giving it it's name. Her footsteps are often heard, by both staff and visitors, traveling about her bedroom whenever someone chooses to occupy it.

However the most notorious inhabitant of Hull House might be the Devil Baby of Hull House. That is if, in fact, one ever existed. Even though Jane Addams did everything within her power to persuade people, both in person and in print, that this child was just myth, to this day some still believe the Devil Baby remains trapped in the attic of Hull House.

Who was the Devil Baby? Legend says it was a child born to a poor immigrant mother. Her husband himself called Satan within their walls by refusing to permit her to hang a picture of the Virgin Mary, stating he would rather share his home with the devil. Some say their child -- born deformed, scaled, and sporting a pointy tail -- was brought to Hull House by it's enraged father when he could no longer endure the scorn of the neighborhood. Others feel that the child might have been just a regularly deformed child. Just a child who, while perhaps exceptional and unique, was no more a devil than you or I.

Regardless of what people believe, these rumors persevere to this day. Some say that, if you stand outside and peer at the attic windows of Hull House, you may just see the Devil Baby peeping back at you.
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