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Article - Haunted Atchison Kansas

The [url=http://www.atchisonkansas.net/]authorized[/url] Atchison website touts this Kansas city as "charming and historic", however the middle of the road ghost hunter may just tell you something contrary.

Ghosts in Atchison? It would be no wonder. As far back as the mid-1800's, innumerable wagons on their way to the California gold rush utilized Atchison as a resting ground during their tiring expeditions. Home to the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Railroad, Lincoln even slept in this serene little community.

This birth place of Amelia Earhart is known for much more than its distinctive past. In fact, it is better known for its spirited memoirs.

The most celebrated spirit in Atchison, perhaps, is Sallie, the Heartland Ghost. Featured on the television show Sightings in the mid-1990's, we may never know the truth behind her puzzling demise. Local lorists will tell you one of two things about Sallie. She was an adolescent, around the age of six, who became unwell one day and was rushed to the turn-of-the-century home in Missouri Bluffs she later became rumored to haunt. This domicile was the home of a doctor who treated his patients on site, and Sallie later died there. Some say she passed from pneumonia when the doctor did not realize how dire her respiratory condition was. Others claim she died during a fruitless endeavor to extract her appendix, frenzied and wrestling against the ether, waking on the table during the initial incision. Either way, Sallie did not leave this earth calmly.

Some time in 1993 this residence was rented out to a young wedded couple. Shortly after they arrived, Sallie began to make her occupancy known. From spontaneous fires to unprovoked attacks on the husband, Sallie fast became one of the most well known ghosts in history. You can read more about Sallie [url=http://www.prairieghosts.com/sallie.html]here[/url] on Troy Taylor's Ghosts of The Prairie site. Along with point by point information on the haunting, Troy has also been in contact with the family that once lived day to day with Sallie, the Heartland Ghost.

Sallie is in commendable company. We also can confront the spirit of Molly in Molly's Hollow. Molly was a youthful woman who, after a quarrel with her boyfriend in a shaded lover's lane, hung herself in a nearby tree where her body was discovered the next day. To this date people maintain you can still hear her bemoaning her fortune before uttering a screech within her Hollow. Some even claim to have seen her silhouetted form suspended from the trees.

Next we have the Gargoyle Home. Gargoyles are traditionally constructed to stand guard over a home, keeping mischievous spirits at bay. However, when B. P. Waggener, a politician and lawyer, erected his gargoyles, some say he had something more ominous in mind. A rich man, many speculate that his wealth was accumulated after a pact with Satan himself and that the pair of grotesque figures holding court atop his lodging were arranged there in testament to the deal. One ill-fated homeowner once attempted to discharge these granite sentries and instantly pitched to his doom on the staircase. Evil? You be the judge.

It's been said that apparitions are more active during remodeling of their prior homes and Nellie Trueblood, a venerable school teacher who passed away, companionless and bereft, in her home on North 3rd street, is absolutely no different. Nellie appears to have had some victory in staving off the developments as she is rumored to appear to workers in the specter of a abundant, gleaming ball before hovering away. Restoration attempts have gone on for quite some time as work crews are not long to stay in Nellie's home.

The Munich House also has a spirit in residence. This exquisite home was host to many a fete in its historical past. These celebrations were so excessive and lavish that it was common to get temporary use of staff from other homes in order to suitably satisfy everyone. One unpretentious maid fell to her death on the backstairs the daybreak after the party. Fatigued from her arduous work during the preceding nights festivities, she is still perceived about the home some Sunday mornings, beginning the day she never lived to realize. The lights will flicker on in her bed chamber and then in the stairwell before the intoxicating fragrance of bacon can be smelled wafting from the kitchen area.

Spirits also walk the streets of Atchison. On Atchison Street you might experience the ghost of a young female who is said to patronize the gloomy waters below the banks of the Missouri River, endeavoring to lure transient men to marry her in her fate. This young woman perished in a buggy casualty when her horses were startled and detached from her surrey, plunging it into the freezing river where she subsequently drowned. Perhaps she wishes to no longer be alone?

Whether you visit for Sallie or wish to spy Molly in her Hollow, Atchison, Kansas offers up many a spirited tale! To learn more about touring the haunts in Atchison, please visit: Haunted Atchison Trolley Tours.
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