Stories - West Freugh Incident

Sighting of the first kind on 7 April 1957 in Wigtownshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

In April 1957, while monitoring a test bombing exercise, radar units of the Ministry of Supply Bombing Trials unit headquartered at RAF West Freugh observed the UK's most reported and recorded UFO incident. RAF intelligence ordered radar stations throughout the UK to be on 24 hour alert. A few days later civilian operators reported the incident to various newspapers including the Sunday Dispatch, which reported the incident on 7 April 1957. An Air Ministry spokesman declined to make a detailed statement until a full report had been studied by experts. Questions were asked in Parliament and the Air Ministry were eventually obliged to admit they were unable to explain the incident. As the incident had leaked to the press, internal RAF records were well persevered, although details of official records are presently protected by the Official Secrets Act
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