Project: Paranormal was originally a project by Slacknet Communications, which they planned to launch Halloween of 2005. However, due to the overwhelming amount of projects they had started previous, it was put on hiatus until an undisclosed time. Because of the quick (planned) release of the web site the original project name was never changed, and it was thought to sound somewhat decent for the website, so it was never changed and we also decided to keep it.

In 2007 when Orange Tea acquired Slacknet Communications, we also obtained all of their projects. We decided that this was a very good concept and wanted to see it come alive and development started again in the third quarter of 2008.

The purpose of this project is to make the largest paranormal community on the web, with all the resources covering every subject possible. We created it because there are so many paranormal web sites out there that are poorly designed, poorly managed, and poorly written, we thought we could do much better, so we created this.

You can help us by voting for us on various Top Sites, this helps grow the community and we are very appreciative.