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Boat Hit and Run in Unexplained

It happened on Lewisville Lake, Texas, 20 miles north of Dallas. Stephanie Booker and two friends, Sabra Scott and Kim Colvin, spent the day swimming and sailing on the lake. June 17, 1995 was a typical outing, until nightfall. After a break for dinner, the three friends decided to take one last cruise on their boat. Near midnight, the young women headed back to the boat slip. They slowed down as they entered the no-wake zone where boaters are required to stay under five miles an hour. Then, a hundred yards away, a speedboat raced out of the darkness. Stephanie and her friends never had a chance as the speedboat plowed into them. Stephanie was severely injured: "It was as if my mouth felt sewn shut. And so I had to brace myself with my hands to push my body up. And then I felt this terrible weight hanging off of my face, as if dough was hanging off of my face, and I reached up and realized that my face was in my hand." The speed boat's propeller had slashed across Stephanie's face, literally slicing it from the bone. Kim Colvin came to the immediate aid of her injured friend: "Her lips were detached from her face, I couldn't see any gums or teeth, there was skin hanging down from her eye. So I was seeing her expo ...

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