Parapedia - I-70 Serial Killer

Twenty-six year-old Robin Fuldauer of Indianapolis, Indiana, wanted more than anything to marry and start a family. But that would never happen. On April 8, 1992, Robin was found shot to death at the store where she worked.

Twenty-three year-old Patricia Smith and 32-year-old Patricia Magers worked side-by-side at a bridal shop in Wichita, Kansas. Just three days after Robin Fuldauer was murdered, both women were shot to death in the back storeroom of the shop.

Three weeks later, 24-year old Nancy Kitzmiller of St. Charles, Missouri, was shot to death in the boot store where she worked as a manager.

Four murders in three different states, separated by more than 1200 miles. At first glance, they seemed to be random killings. Yet each took place at a shopping mall just off Interstate 70.

The Woodson Village Shopping Center in Raytown, Missouri, is near an access road to Interstate 70. On May 7, 1992, thirty-seven year old Sarah Blessing was working alone in a gift shop at the mall. At 6:30 p.m., a local auctioneer noticed a stranger walking into his auction house. He looked around briefly, then he walked out again.

Tim Hickman, who owned a video store, watched the man cross the parking lot and pass by his store. Minutes later, Tim heard a gunshot. He reached his front door just as the man was disappearing around the corner.

A grocery clerk saw the stranger as he climbed the embankment to an Interstate 70 access road and vanished. Meanwhile, Tim Hickman went next door to the gift shop:

"I kind of looked in through the door and I didn't see anything. And I was calling 'Ma'am, ma'am?' And I stepped forward a couple more steps and then I saw her legs sticking out of the other room."

Sara Blessing lay lifeless in a pool of blood. Police believed the Raytown murder was connected to the earlier shopping mall killings. A multi-state task force was set up.

Lab tests confirmed that all five women had been killed by the same gun, most likely a semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol. That gun was also linked to the murder of 40-year old Michael McCown of Terre Haute, Indiana. He had been killed in a shopping mall ceramics store near Interstate 70 on April 27, 1992. There were now six victims.

The most promising lead came from the murders of Patricia Smith and Patricia Magers at the bridal shop in Wichita. Police got one good description of the killer. It was from a customer who walked in just minutes after the two women had been murdered. Using the customer's description and other eyewitness accounts, a police artist created an aged composite of what he may look like today.

Detective Rich Plummer with the St. Charles City Police Department:

"It's important for the audience to know that a serial killer never stops. They may stop for a period of time, but they never stop completely and they will always start up again."

There were three additional murders in Texas in 1993 and 1994 that police believe were the work of the same killer, bringing the number of victims to nine.