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On August 4, 1892, wealthy businessman Andrew Borden, and his wife, Abby, were brutally hacked to death in their home. Andrew's 32-year-old spinster daughter, Lizzie, was arrested for the double murder. Over a century later, the scene of one of the most gruesome unsolved mysteries in U.S. history is open for business. The Borden home is now the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. Visitors can enjoy an informative chat about the sadistic murders while eating a breakfast of johnnycakes and mutton broth--the same meal Abby and Andrew Borden ate on their final day. Then after a long day of sightseeing, they can sleep in the same bedroom where Abby Borden's body was discovered, lifeless on the floor. Not surprisingly, most people do not sleep easily. According to owner Martha McGinn, many guests have reported that the inn is haunted: "I think the apparitions and all the activity that has been happening in the house, it's a possibility that the spirits are trying to communicate through myself, my staff, or my guests of who really committed the murders so they can rest in peace, put the story to sleep once and for all." Lizzie Borden was never convicted of the brutal murders. Nobody knows who committed the savage crime. Nobo ...

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