Parapedia - Adhara Observatory UFO Lunar Transit

The Adhara Observatory UFO Lunar Transit was a UFO-sighting, which occurred on December 1, 1965 near Buenos Aires, Argentina. The most remarkable aspect of this sighting is that it was viewed through the telescope of a professional observatory, and that the UFO was photographed in transit.

The Adhara Observatory UFO Lunar Transit took place on December 1, 1965 at 8.30 PM. Adhara Observatory received numerous telephone calls from people, who claimed that there was something strange on the moon. At this time, the telescope of the observatory was directed at the moon for photographing it in four minute intervals. As the staff had to ensure that the equipment was functioning properly, they were unable to view the object. After developing the pictures, on the sixth photograph a black disk shaped object was found in front of the moon.