News - Even the UK's royal family has ghosts


Kate Middleton may be spending her first Christmas with the Royal's but it seems she'll also be in the company of some not so friendly ghosts as well! Has Prince William told his wife about the spirits lurking in Sandringham Estate?

Apparently, the massive estate in Norfolk, England, is haunted by the ghosts of dead relatives and servants. They're not the friendly type of ghost either. No Casper and his friendly demeanor here!

"Everyone believes there are ghosts because so many have experienced them, including Prince Charles," said a source.

In fact, Kate Middleton shouldn't walk around the house alone because she might encounter one of these ghosts and they won't be kind to the newest member of the family!

"There are old parts of the house where nobody wants to go or be alone, and Kate will be told all about them. If she goes wandering around the house alone she could be in for a nasty surprise," according to Now Magazine.

Hopefully, Prince William will warn his wife about the spirits she might meet on Christmas day. Kate Middleton doesn't seem like the type who would be happy to get lost in a new place on her own with ghosts!
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Dec 23 @ 22:10