News - Face of a ghost appears on shop counter


A Buckingham shopkeeper rang the Advertiser in excitement after a ghostly face appeared in her shop counter.

Natalie Afriat, of Winstons jewellers, on Market Hill, called the paper after staff spotted the apparition, apparently of a young woman of Eastern appearance.

Mrs Afriat said: "We had some customers in this morning, then after they went I said: 'Oh my God, girls, have you seen this?'"

She said normally a handprint on the black wood counter would disappear after someone took their hand away, but this image had been there for at least an hour when Advertiser photographer Jake McNulty snapped it.

The shop is in a 300-year-old listed building on Market Hill.

Mrs Afriat said: "All the others in the row burned down and this was the only one left standing."

She said she had no idea who the ghostly likeness might be of, but added: "I don't feel she's bad. We don't want to polish her out."
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Dec 23 @ 01:06