Forum - Sign of somthing bad or evil in the house?

Ok so like my mom has this santa claus nest thing you know where like theres thing big thing on the outside then when u open it up the thing gets smaller and u keep doing it and it keeps getting smaller and smaller.Well see not on the outside one but on all the inside ones all had in black ink and (we later confirmed u could indeed write on it with a pen)the number 666 and on the last one it had 917 which is my step brother's birthday September 17th so my mom was asking when she found out who did it.And I didn't know she even had somthing like that so we figured it was just my step brother who did it prolly years.But then a few days later after she discovered she went to open it again and the number 666 was obviously still on all of them except this time the ink had turned red for all of them except for 917 it still stayed in black ink.And my mom does not have a red pen in the house and my step brother nor me havent been in her house for like about 2 weeks before she even discovered the black ink on it then as soon as she did it turned red on all of the 666's cept for 917.So im wondering is this a sign of an evil spirit in the house?
And also the Santa Claus nest thing was one of my deceased grandmother's possesions
Jan 10 @ 22:49


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