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Every so often, our Cat will scratch at and open the door to te Storage Room, like there is someone in there to visit, then there is a little girl, probably about 10 years old. We think she is left over from this building's original form as the town's first School.
I have seen and heard her on numerous occassions.
Then there is a little Boy, not more than 3 years old.
He is a little Angel and has materialized to me on several occassions.
Sometimes, he will pop in saying "Ma, Ma, Ma."
We think he may be from this area's past, part of the original Family that settled this area.
He is very curious and mischevious.
Once, I saw him asleep in my Bed, He was so cute and Precious, I let him rest.
I memorized his every tiny detail, as a Mother would her Baby.
He leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Today, there was a mysterious happening with our pair of cissors.
I had moved them from one of the end tables, near our couch, to the Baker's Rack, where we normally keep them.
When Hubby came home, they were on the Coffee Table, neatly laid beside the Remote Controls.
I asked Hubby if he has moved them to that location, he said he had not.
We both looked at eachother, in bewilderment.
I knew it was one of our Ghosty Friends, being helpful.
The one I worry about most though, is the little boy.
I don't want him hurting himself with something like that.
I think I remind him of his own Mom.
If I were to ever have a little boy of my own, I would want a little one as this little one that pops in for visits is.
Feb 13 @ 23:36
That's sweet. A ghost child in your bed and you let him rest.

I doubt a ghost can hurt themselves with scissors. [Laughing] After all, they're already "dead". [Wink]
Feb 16 @ 14:40
Well, I didn't want to disturb all that Cuteness.
I wanted to remember that Snapshot in my mind forever; Perfect and undisturbed.
Feb 17 @ 03:21


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