Forum - Finally able to return

The Stalking has ended entirely, as of 8:35 p.m., MST.
I am living the 4th day of the rest of my life, Stalker Free.
I am however, Cautiously re - emerging into the world, seeing if I can actually breathe again.
So far, so good.
I have a carefully - laid plan for the rest of my life, I have some larger dreams I would like to accomplish, provided no one stands in my path.
I am re - entering Message Forums again, but slowly.
It will take a long time before I can fully trust anyone again.
Anyway, I am back, for the time present.
Before I came back, I wanted to make certain I would not be followed or in any way Negatively affected by returning.
Feb 13 @ 23:09
It's so good to have you back! We can definately understand you being cautious and all..
Feb 13 @ 23:22
Thank You.
I held back from responding, to see how things would go.
Looks like all clear, for the time present.
Feb 27 @ 04:49


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