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Nothing exciting. I just wanted to post about my babci stopping by again. She died several years back. She was always a kind and loving woman to me. She stops by once in while. Suddenly whatever I am doing I'm enveloped by the smell of her house and I 'know' it's her. It never lasts long. I get the impression she visits all of her descendants (they're are many of us).

Not much activity at my house unlike my last apartment.
Jul 03 @ 18:53
If you don't mind me asking Nakis, who is Babci?
From your post, I get that she is special to you.
Jul 05 @ 03:27
How exciting! We have a friend that passed at a fairly young age. He knew he did not have long to live and he has kept his promise that he will remain with his friends until someone comes to keep him company. He plays with my music boxes at night, and sometimes hides things. The house feels empty when his presence is not felt, we have grown so used to him. He has many people that love him, so I guess he keeps busy.
Jul 06 @ 01:21
Awww, that is sweet Nakis! It sounds like she is a lovely, protective spirit. That's just too cool!
Jul 07 @ 14:05
Sorry GW and everyone. Babci is grandmother in Polish. When I say or think babci I think grandmother automatically. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

I didn't know her all that well due to family problems but she was always as sweet as could be and loved all of her grandchildren dearly. Every time we were over 'Babci and Jaja's'(grandmother and grandfather) she would bring out to us snacks and drinks. No easy task for 8 kids. She grew up in America but in a Polish 'world'. She was very old world. If you met her the words that would come to mind are 'dear' and 'sweat'.
Jul 17 @ 11:42
She really was a special lady, Nakis.. she was born to this earth to put unconditional love in your life...we are truly blessed.
Jul 17 @ 12:37


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