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KellKell, I was brought up in a household that exposed me to this subject matter directly. The videos that you posted are compelling! I lived on an island (directly related to these Stateside activities)in the south pacific for three years/1963 to 1966...on a government, on a Nuclear Warhead. Our family was not military. We were government contracted.... DOD/Depatment of Defense. If you think they are hiding something... =) ... you're right. Dad had Blackout Security. This means that his work did not exist...PERIOD. Dig, Dig, Dig...caut [Gasp] [Gasp] iously. zzzowl
Jun 05 @ 10:35
Yeah, they are. Or I should say I think they are. How can you have a place that they say doesn't exists, but you can see it on maps, you can see people going in and out, things like that, at area 51, but the government says no there isn't a secret base out there. Yeah right, whatever!!
Jun 06 @ 23:55
They have been developing advanced aerospace technologies for many decades. Some of the bizarre and incomprehensible as they may seem...are in fact, technologies born of human genius. The greatest scientific minds in this country are owned and financed by the US government. They're covert activites envolve the physics of propellsion and aeronautics that far exceed what any academic institution has to offer....Or knows about for that matter. The brightest of the recruited, but believe me..... the club is exclusive, and will protect their secrets at all costs. Those with Blackout Security Levels are by far the most elusive creatures I've ever been exosed to. They operate out of several locations...most of which are unknown to the general public. Any documents that they have declassifed are really an air-tight, and calulated stategy to keep the public in the dark....FOREVER.
Jun 07 @ 11:06


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