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Some of you may remember I put a post in here about a time I was hiking and I noticed that I was casting a shadow towards the sun.

It was at least a few years back and the old post is gone.

At least a few years back (my sense of time is getting worse as the years go on,.... i'm getting so old!! =) . I was hiking on a nearby mountain range. It was getting near dark. The sun was low. I was walking a trail almost directly towards the sun when I notice I was casting a shadow. The strange thing is this shadow was being cast towards the sun. I had a shadow from the sun but I had another shadow almost in the opposite direction as well. It was as if something bright was directly behind and above me at about a 45 degree angle. I had no explainaton for it.

I was hiking in the same woods yesterday and right about the same time of day as before on the same trail. This time there was no shadow.

I have not seen this affect before (to my memory) nor since. I am still at a loss to explain how I had two shadows.

I just wanted to repost this since a) I was in nearly the exact same situation as last time, yesterday and b) the board is slow. =)
Oct 03 @ 18:33
Nakis, you were being protected by one of your angels. Staying behind you so not to keep you from going your own way, it's really wonderful. So many unexplained happenings that, we, the intellegent ones understand. =)

We never walk alone in this life, it just feels that way sometimes.
Oct 04 @ 16:14
You are right Ghostwatch. There are a lot of things that have no "ratioal" or "scientific" reason.

I, for one, am glad that there are higher beings looking at for me. I need all the help I can get. LOL LOL LOL.
Oct 07 @ 16:37
Oh we "all" need that extra help WWN..LOL..Without it, I don't think we'd all survive. We must look just like imbusils to them (how enbarrassing) =P [Laughing]
Oct 07 @ 20:05


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