Forum - UFOs Over Haiti?

My attention was brought to this via an X-Zone Radio email. The UFO video is posted on their website[/URL] (about half-way down). You can watch the video there, or here, on[/URL].

This is purportedly two UFOs flying over Haiti on Aug. 6th. Watch it and vote on what you think.
Aug 15 @ 00:09
I dunno, they look man-made to me. Maybe tests of some new type of aircraft?
Aug 16 @ 10:52
I was uncertain about this video..although there didn't seem to be a sound coming from either craft. You definately heard her gasp tho!
Aug 17 @ 12:53
You should get out the detractor videos on UTube. They make some decent cases for the video being fake.
I firmly believe in UFOs having seen some myself. I just think that fake 'proof' does a lot of damage and this video, with it's problems seems far too good to be true. I certainly don't want to discount anything because it seems too good to be true. But some of the points made by the debunkers is pretty convincing.
Aug 21 @ 10:41
Yea, the fakes are what puts the skeptics on their soap boxes because that gives them more ammo to use against a "true" case.

I definately believe we aren't the only beings in the universe. My question is "how could we be so egotistical to think we are the only ones"? Especially in this vast universe, which hasn't all been explored yet and probably never will be.
Aug 21 @ 14:08
I firnly believe we are not the only sentient beings in the universe. I was camping out in the desert one night. While looking up at the stars one star became prominent in my mind and I had a 'knowing' that there is intelligent life in that solar system. I've learned to trust my 'knowings'. I'm confident what I sensed that night is true.
Besides of course the UFO's I've seen. They were not made by Earthlings. I can't say what they were, but we have nothing remotely close in technology. Even if we've gleaned information from wrecks of UFOs or received direct knowledge from 'aliens'.

And these UFO's in these videos were clunkers compared to what I saw. They looked like jalopies compared to Lamborghinies.
Sep 05 @ 17:50
[Laughing] jalopies, nakis??? That's hilarious!! But you do have a point there tho. We'll probably never come close to their knowledge, at least I can't see that happening. Humans are just too fallable, and quite frankly, too brainfarted to come close.

Of course I'm speaking of my own experiences with the human race. [Laughing]
Sep 05 @ 18:19


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