Forum - UFO Battle over Nuremburg?

Jun 06 @ 16:15
I think I've heard of this case, but only in brief, on other TV documentaries. Very strange. I wish I'd have been there to see it!
Jun 09 @ 03:43
Yeah, it would be nice to see it.

How about a crossover of sorts in time. A WWII or WWI air battle that somehow was projected in time to 16th century. All the objects could be planes seen at various heights in a pitched air battle. Some of the planes crashed to the ground and some flew off. No one would have found wreckage since the battle actually happened in the 20th century. History seems to be repleat with sightings of things that do not belong to the current time period. We know that energy is not consistent on our planet. Time may subject to some of these energy fluctuations.
Jun 12 @ 18:32


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