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Did any Coast To Coast listeners catch this on last nights show? A man known as "Bugs" was on the show and he tells of how he and a hunting partner shot two creatures thinking the first one they saw was a bear, but upon close examination appeared to be enormous deformed human beings.

Here's something about it I found on line:

The "Bugs" Affair, "Bugs" Texas Bigfoot Carcasses[/URL]
Apr 16 @ 21:38
Hmmmm. Very interesting. Never heard of that before. And six toes? That's a new one. I wonder if they will try to find and dig up the bodies?
Apr 17 @ 16:48
"Bugs" did mention that he'd reveal the exact spot if he could have it somehow confirmed that what he killed and buried were two bigfeet, something to that effect.
Apr 17 @ 19:49
Sounds goofy to me. If he's worried that he would be prosecuted for murder then there must be some reason he feels these bodies are human. I think 6 toes if he can prove it among the other things he described would be proof enough. Sure, there are some people born with 6 fingers or toes. That's doesn't make them bigfoot. And last I heard, bigfoot didn't have 6 toes either. Something's not right.
Apr 24 @ 22:17
Yeah, riiiighht.

Um, no offense, but why would anyone looking at a bigfoot, all hairy, apelike, eight feet tall and with six toes, think that they would be prosecuted for killing a human. When was the last time anyone, anywhere saw a human that even resembled that description.

Sounds a whole lot like the Hogzilla story.

Very, very, hookey, implausable, unbelievable and homespun.
Apr 25 @ 18:14
[Laughing] I was thinking Hogzilla too!

Not to make fun of your topic though. It's interesting and I love to listen to Art Bell.
Apr 25 @ 20:20
It's interesting, but having 6 toes is not really proof of anything, or of being non-human. Humans do occasionally have 6 toes, and there are even domestic cats that have more toes than they should, and are called polydactyls. So, I think like that may happen in any species from time to time.

I remember the thalidomide babies born to human mothers, and these babies had flippers for arms... the result of a drug messing with the genetic process during pregnancy. It didn't make the babies less than human. It is simply a genetic accident that I really can't explain myself, and I am not sure science has all the answers, but I know that they tied it to thalidomide at the time it occurred. This happened in a number of cases. I am sure the information is in several places on the web.

The "Bugs" situation makes an interesting story, but I think these hunters should have stopped with killing only the first one, (which could rightfully be ruled an accident if it looked bear-like), and calling in the authorities and scientific experts to attempt to discover exactly what this was. The second one should have been left alive, for possible capture and study.

After the lapse of time, how sure is "Bugs" that he still accurately can describe where they buried the corpses? Will they indeed be found? I do hope that the scientific community will then at least get involved enough to find out if they can extract some DNA from these bones. That would clear up the mystery, and we might learn some new things about bigfoot, if this is what these creatures were.
Jun 06 @ 00:00


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