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Recently, I unearthed an old book of mine, I'd read many years ago, called "The Ghost of 29 Megacycles", and it set me to thinking about technology and ghosts...

For years people have used tape recorders running in empty rooms (and more recently video cameras) to record ghost voices. In the case of my book, the people in question used ultra high frequency radio, to effectively talk to those they believed were long dead.

Technology has evolved massively since that book was written, and it jus makes me wonder, what new technology would be capable of, if used to detect ghosts or people who have died.

Could PC's be used for communication with the dead? UV and infra red used to "see" ghosts? Would a supercomputer be better at finding evidence of life after death, than any mortal?

Thoughts, information and experiences with ghosts and technology, very welcome here! (Even if it's a ghost turning the TV on and off =) )

Love and Light - Moonlight =)
Nov 30 @ 14:54
Please forgive my ignorance here, but this is such an interesting topic that I had to stop in for a moment.
What does the latest research tell us about the make-up of a ghost or sprit, I wonder? What little I know is that, there seems to be an electro-magnetic element and ghosts are beleived to drain energy from certain other sources of energy.
This is definately a great topic. The one thing that concerns me though, is how do you prove something spiritual with a scientific model? Perhaps, we need a more spiritual basis for learning to communicate better with those "on the other side", or to at least integrate the model of sciencewith a more distinctly spiritual approach.
Just a thought, but thank you for the topic!!!

inquisitivly yours,
Dec 01 @ 20:07
*nodding* I very much agree Ravenheart, that the search for life after deeath, spirits etc, has to be done with an openminded, as well as a scientific attitude. Truth be told though, I suspect the spirits themselves will be just as determined to communicate as we are... from what I recall of that book I read, seemed some of the spirits themselves were giving technical instructions on how to improve the radio connection!

I also recall reading somewhere that electricity cannot be created or destroyed, only it's basic nature can be changed. Human beings themselves are basically a mass of tiny electrical connections. Not such a huge step to accept that when we die, that electrical "energy" continues to exist.

Perhaps one day, mediums will use technology along with their own abilities to truly bridge the gap between the mortal, and the otherworldly. After all, if we use technology to try to communicate with alien life, why not with the spirit world?

Maybe one day... just maybe...

Thanks for posting Ravenheart - I'm glad you found this so interesting! =)

Love & Light - Moonlight. =)
Dec 12 @ 10:45
I also agree that science alone cannot measure things of a spiritual measure. Sounds like at interesting book, Moonlight.

I have had a few odd experiences with electrical things. During my college years, my parents had a home that I believe was truly haunted. One evening, I had gone to my bedroom, turned my radio on to my usual rock station and laid down on my bed to study. Shortly afterwards my radio started blaring Big Band era music from another station. I got up, changed it back and it occured once more. By that time, I was a little perturbed so I unplugged the radio. What was interesting, was for about 30 seconds after unplugging it, the music continued to play. Incidentally, the spirit that we thought haunted that house, would have been of the generation that appreciated that type of music.

On another occasion, a few years ago, my husband had bought me a EMF meter. I was pretty excited to try it out, so we went to an old cemetery reputed to be haunted. The meter went nuts as I walked around the place. At that time, the car I was driving had a cruise control switch that was stuck. I had tried numerous times to move it, as had my rather large, strong husband. Neither of us could make it budge. As I got back in my car that evening to drive home, something made me try out the cruise control switch. It went into place like nothing had ever been wrong with it. Perhaps the kindly spirit of a mechanic? [Wink]

I've also stayed in a haunted hotel where the TV would come on and off by itself, I've had lights flicker in only one room of my home. My doorbell would go berserk when no one was anywhere near it. I've heard several stories about seeing faces on their computers, televisions, etc... So yes, I definetly believe spirits can manipulate electronic and technological gadgets.
Dec 13 @ 13:33
Thanks carrie for sharing those experiences with us! To that effect, I would like to add that I have transient spirits in my home that stop in to see what all the fuss is about when I pray and perform ritual magick, such as calling on positive healing energies for someone from Universal Divinity, Protection, Love, Mercy and Comfort for the ill, dying, etc.). They seem to love turning my TV, DVD player, Stereo System, VCR, Alarm Clock/Radio on and off at times when there is no alarm set, and when the alarm is set for a different time other than the time that the equipment comes on and or goes off! It could be any device turned on/off alone or two or more at a time. They like to move small objects and sometimes they will disapear to return at a later time. Other times the object will be lost for day, weeks or months, only to show up in the exact spot where they were last seen. I enjoy these visits and always acknowledge their prescence.
I usually do not think of these spirits as ghosts, but then again, I make no distinction between a spirit and a ghost. Personally, when I am gone to the other side, I would prefer to be thought of as a spirit.

happy trails,
Dec 13 @ 20:04
This subject is very interesting, and there have been times when I believe that there is more power in the spiritual realm than people even notice, or give credit for. Many people will say "I don't believe in ghosts or spirits", and then close their mind to any further input. Sure, it is their right to believe what they wish, but there are so many unexplained things that point to a spirit or ghost manipulating things in ways that are beyond our comprehension.

One example (that just happens to fit into the holiday season) is our experiences with strange occurances with lights. Not ordinary lights, but especially Christmas tree lights that are the chasing lights that have several patterns to choose from, and a random setting, that makes them select certain patterns of "chasing" at varying intervals on their own. The lights do all kinds of things like slow chase, reversing chase, brightening, dimming, patterned twinkling, etc. This is what they are meant to do, right? OK, now... what we do is add music, like Christmas music, both vocal and instrumental. We play the music, and watch the lights, and they will do things that we never thought were possible, based on chance alone, etc. The lights follow the music, seemingly reacting to music tempo, feeling, loudness, softness, and it has given us all goosebumps just experiencing it. Others that we show it to can also recognize it, and are just amazed that two electrical devices can do different things, and yet be so in sync with each other. This is both a very intense and thought provoking occurance.

Another thing we have discovered that is similar to the above occurance, but has to do with a screen saver on our two Macintoshes. This screensaver is called "Flurry", and it is a point of light that moves randomly around the screen, with numerous flares or "tails" eminating from it. It uses all the colors of the rainbow, and does a Northern Lights-looking curtain style sweeping motion with various colors, and it also shoots off separate pieces that look like fireworks or comets. Totally random without any recognizable pattern or predictable moves.
You can obtain a downloadable version of this for any Windows PC Flurry Screen Saver for Windows PC[/URL] For Macintosh, I believe it came with the OS-X software.

Here is where it gets interesting... Kell and I have two Mac G4's side by side. We both use the Flurry Screen Saver because we like it. It has options for changing streams, thickness and speed. I am sure that we don't have them set identically ... the adjustments are on sliders without any numbers associated with them. We each set our own to suit ourselves. Also of note, there is no connection between the computers where one could effect the operation of the other in any way.

Just last night, Kell and I, in the wee hours of the morning, after wrapping gifts for a while, we sat at the computer and listened to a Christmas Eve Ghost CD by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We had already seen the screen saver on these computers react to music in ways similar to the Christmas tree lights, but we never have seen anything like what we saw last night!!! (If you aren't familiar with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, their music is an awesome mix of classical, rock, jazz, with a little folk music thrown in.) We both activated our screen savers, and we were VERY supprised to see that the two Flurry screensavers on different computers were totally in sync with each other, with both color and movement intensity, etc. We sat and watched transfixed, almost unbelieving that this could happen... but it did!! The screensavers followed the music so perfectly, we had goosebumps on goosebumps! I guess we were simply awestruck by this occurance.

I have no way to explain what happens between the lights, computers and the music here in our house, but the whole thing seems to be coming from the spirit realm, in our estimation.
How else could this happen by chance?? If you can get your hands on this screensaver, try it with any music you like. We have seen the screensaver and the tree lights react to various music genres... but we have never seen the screen savers in sync before!!

Here we are, with an unexplainable happening involving electrical devices, and it seems that the control is coming from a source other than the devices themselves. Any ideas, anyone?

Dec 20 @ 00:41
Why shouldn't spirit make use of things like tape recorders and playing with television sets to make their presence known?

Spirit and ghosts are beings of energy (as we all are) ...and electrical things make use of energy...

To spirit there is little if any difference in types of energy it really does make sense for them make use of things like that to let us know they're around.

Think about it this way; televisions, tape recorders, computers among other things... are all communciation devices in one way or another and they're simply using them to communicate with us. =)
Dec 22 @ 05:19
Interesting observations azspirit, but there is a possible non-paranormal explanation for your Christmas lights as well as your screen saver.

The Christmas lights could have a tiny microphone in the controller that is programmed to react to sound/music by synchronizing the lights. The same could be the case for the screen saver, especially if you were using the computer to play the CD. Much like the visual effects in Windows Media Player that are synchronized to the music. I'll have to download that screen saver, it sounds interesting.

But that aside, I believe that ghosts and spirits (2 different things IMHO) can and do effect electrical items, mainly because they can to get our attention, and they may draw electrical energy in order to manifest themselves.

EDIT: I downloaded that screen saver, and it doesn't seem to have any music sync features in it, unless the Mac version has it. It could still be coincidence, or could ghosts/spirits manipulate a screen saver like that? I wouldn't think they could manipulate a computer with that amount of precision, beyond making it crash/reboot or typing/clicking stuff, but then stranger things have happened.

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Jan 02 @ 19:24
Kevin, perhaps you missed the my mention of the fact that we were running the screen saver on two separate computers that have no wired connection to each other. One computer was playing the CD, but the other one had no way to pick up the music and do that. The microphone on the second one was disconnected, and the one playing the CD has nothing that we know of to get it to synchronize anything to music. (I have seen the effects of the Windows Media Player, and there is a similar player for Mac that has settings to sync the kalaedoscope-like (sp) pictures to the music. This was nothing like that at all.)

We were using a different set of Christmas tree lights last year, and purchased new ones this year, and the only similarities is that both are called "chasing lights", and the ones we had last year were from the US (which we have had for years), but this year's lights were built in China. Neither the box they came in, nor the control box, shows any sign of there being any microphones at all, nor any other claims about it picking up and synchronizing to sounds, like music. Yet, both sets of Christmas tree lights are doing similar things to music.

I guess that it must be the activity of our spirit residents here in the house. We do have several, and we have had other experiences around Christmas time. All I can say is that the experience with the tree lights and the screen savers, using the same music, does seem a little hard to grasp... but when we saw it happening with our own eyes, it makes me wonder if we are witnessing a paranormal event at the time. Maybe our mood at Christmas gets the spirits going or something?? Who knows... but it is an awesome sight!! We were both very deeply moved by the experiences. That seems ghostly or spiritual in nature to me. Just my thoughts... [Big Grin]
Jan 03 @ 15:15


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