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I thought I'd post a topic on this, as it's something that really interests me... having had first hand experience of it.

I've heard missing time refers to in alien abductions... I certainly don't think mine was that (for one thing it happened in my bedroom at 10am one morning in a busy town, and with several other people in the house at the time!) but it certainly surprised the hell out of me. Mostly because, in the process of looking up and down from a notepad I was reading, I somehow lost over an hour... now this was a single sheet of paper, which would take - literally - seconds to read. I was wide awake, sitting up in bed. I didn't misread the clock. But about 75 minutes just went *poof* in a matter of say, thirty seconds or so...

Has anyone else experienced timeslip like that? I'd love to hear all about it if you have... =)

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Nov 08 @ 16:16
I haven't had that unless I've realized I kinda blanked out and was daydreaming which only felt like seconds but, ended up being longer.

I am interested in hearing of anyone else this has happened to though.
Nov 08 @ 17:04
There may be a medical explaination for what you are experiencing, but I have had the same experience due to PTSD. It is like having a flashback that you can't really recall and then suddenly being "In the Moment" again. I have lost from minutes to days from this. I certainly do understand how what you have experienced can "throw you for a loop", as they say. Hope you are able to determine the reason for this.

Nov 08 @ 19:10
No, can't say I have ever experienced anything like that. Wish I could right now though. [Laughing]

The only weird thing I have ever experienced outside of hauntings is I had an out of body experience about 5 years ago. But never missing time. Perhaps you slipped into another dimension and back?
Nov 08 @ 19:27
I have never experienced this either...I have blacked out before because I was sick but never and missing time...I too am also curious to see if anyone else has ever experienced this?
Nov 08 @ 20:07
That is really interesting Moonlight. I myself have never experienced anything like this. But I have read stories of others that this has happened to.

Moonlight, you said that there where other people in your home when this occured. Did anyone happen to check in on you during that time? Or did anyone else seem to notice anything strange?

I would also be interested in hearing if anyone else has ever experienced this. It must be scary, to say the least, to realize that time has gone by unaccounted for by the person experiencing the time loss.
Nov 08 @ 23:46
*looks at all the really cool icons everyone has, particularly Wacavas gorgeous Tiger (I love Tigers) and Strawberries cute kitty graphic which made me giggle!*

Okay random thought over, now back to the topic [Big Grin]

Okay, firstly, thank you to everyone for responding so quickly to this topic, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people posting about it! =)

I can honestly say Trinity, I didn't find it scary. More sort of surprised and confused... Unfortunately, as I was in my bed as the time (hadn't yet got up to go downstairs) I had no eyewitnesses... and it simply never crossed my mind to talk to anyone about this at the time... in fact, up until you suggested it, it still hadn't! *rueful grin*

Ravenheart, from what I recall of that morning, I was doing okay. Sure I've had times where times been hazy (you know the "where the heck did the day go" feeling?) but not usually in a big chunk like that!

I know I wasn't asleep, and can recall quite clearly what I was doing... which made it all the harder to refute it in my mind.

This all happened a few years ago, nothing like that since (that I've bee aware of) but since then I've read up on time and time travel. Seems time isn't as linear as we'd like to believe. Which might explain Deja Vu, days that seem to take a lot longer than usual to pass by, and missing time, amongst others.

And if you think about it, it might well have happened to you, without you realizing it. You know how often do we say "No way could that job have taken three hours", or "I swear I lost an hour somewhere today". perhaps we did lose minutes, or even an hour, because we didn't have a way of checking the time right then. Who knows? =)

Does make me wonder just how often this does happen... maybe whilst we're sleeping, or other times... as for jumping into another dimension, I honestly don't know Panda... I remember nothing, aside from looking at the notepad.

As I said, if anyone has experienced this (or knows someone who has) I'd be interested in hearing about it. =)

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Nov 09 @ 17:10
"Does make me wonder just how often this does happen"

Exactly what I was going to post. How many times we may loose time like this without the aid of a timepiece.

The possibilities are enormous. I do not consciously remember at this time this happening but so many strange things have happened throughout my life it's impossible to remember them all.

Fascinating post Moonlight.
Nov 15 @ 19:15
*warm laugh* Well, have to admit strangeness follows me around Nakis, I have to admit... I've had quite a few odd/inexplicable things happen to me over the years. =) Some of which I still scratch my head about and go "Okay, even for me, that was weird!" [Big Grin]

As I said, after that, I did a fair bit of reading up on time... seems "linear time" (ie future-present-past) isn't quite as linear as we'd like to believe. Tachyons, for example, travel backwards through time. Light has be slowed down to a virtual standstill in labs. Black holes do some very strange things to time... and even something as simple as air travel has a measurable effect on time. And don't even mention gravity wells, which apparently can distort time to such a degree that were people positioned within one, in various locations, they'd all experience time passing differently!

When you consider that ball lightning (the phenomena where lightning becomes an independently travelling ball of electrified plasma, able to penetrate walls, etc) was completely rejected by modern science, up until very recently, and with all the above I've mentioned, it's not so hard to believe that time could indeed skip backwards or forwards, slow down or speed up, rather like a a vinyl record, when the needle encounters resistance of some kind. Maybe time's needle does the same thing... who knows?

Thanks for posting with your thoughts Nakis... it's greatly appreciated! =)

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Nov 19 @ 12:02
I did have one instance of time moving at a different pace than it should. I am sure this has been happening all my life: when I was a child, I used to visualize a machine which could slow down or speed up time and it would operate after I imagined a 50¢ piece going into it. As an adult, I did recall making a 35-minute journey in around 20 minutes without breaking the speed limit—I am not sure if this is physically possible. But I have not experienced bigger shifts than the 15-minute one I mentioned, and that was around 2001–2.

I have a lot of alien travel dreams, but I am never abducted. I just travel with them and have been to alien cities where some flying saucers are based.
Dec 03 @ 12:02
PS.: I did hear of a nun, a personal friend of mine, who did enter a trance, chatted to Jesus Christ, and returned. Colleagues saw her go into a trance and I believe they reported that she went into it for a few seconds. For her, the events seemed to take longer than that. Einstein believed that individual perceptions of time would differ, so scientifically, I don't see too much contradiction between the different time spans.
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