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Hi all!

Just starting a new thread about this topic that Kevin P. began in 2004. You may read the original topic here: What got you interested in the paranormal?[/URL].

Please feel free to continue to post on this thread about what got you interested in the paranormal! =)

Sep 30 @ 02:40
Hi Kell,
PN has been part of my life always. Ever since I can remember at least.
A funny for you all.......
My Mom, who was also sensitive but denied it, wouldn't talk of such things with me. I was around five years old and she told me the voices that I heard were a radio and my couple of fillings I had in my teeth were causing it. Now, I took that to heart and I can't tell you how long I walked around with my mouth open, pointed to the sky! LOL Trying to "tune it"? The neighbors probably thought something was seriuosly wrong with me!
But its been forever here and it never ceases to amaze me.
Oct 09 @ 14:58
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Hi - I am new to this type of website - also always interested and have always had that "6th sense" and wanted to explore it more. I actually think we have a ghost in out home and wanted to see what other "believers" thought.

A couple of years ago - I felt a presents come through my bedroom window (I am on a 2nd floor) at first I was scared - but then I felt pretty calm - it went to my kids rooms and just stood at the doorway - I almost woke up my husband - but didn't. then it came back to our room stood at the foot of the bed and I felt it enter my body through my feet - it was an energy. It stayed with me for a couple of weeks until I asked it to leave - and I felt it leave. Ever since - I think it is still in the house. Playing games - hiding keys and such. One more thing - our home is fairly new - we are the first owners. There seems to be a draw towards my middle sons room - and there is sometimes an odor (like something dead) and it has been in the hallway and also the laundry room. Anyone else have anything like this or could you give me some insight?

*** Edit: You can answer this post on this thread: Some insight, please?[/URL]
Thanks! Kell

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Nov 01 @ 15:10
For me it was a combination of things that came together when I was young(er).
I was a big fan of "Casper The Friendly Ghost" at age three and had my first cartoon crush on Wendy The Good Witch, (Caspers girlfriend).
I have always enjoyed horror movies and watched Dark Shadows on the TV during the afternoons. My mom was way cool, as long as I didn't have nightmares she would let me watch shows like, The Dark Side, the Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, etc. We also enjoyed movies such as The Omen, The Exorcist, Gargoyles, and more. I would read magazines like Fangoria, Creepy Eerie and Vampirella. From there, I developed an interest in all things supernatural and paranormal. When we began having lots of odd occurances at home, I began to learn about ESP, Telepathy, Precognition, etc. My mother and I would test our abilities with Zenner cards, and different techniques one of which employed a lit candle flame.
From there my interests grew to include the paranormal and Supernatural.
Now I am into everything from Spirits, Ghosts, and Witchcraft to, Meditation, Soul Retrieval, and Holographic Quantum Physics.

May 17 @ 03:08
Hi Kell,

My parents are both sensitive. My mother was always scared of what she saw or felt. The only way I know if a ghost is in the house is through my dreams. I don't sense them the way my mother does. My mom and I are learning not to be so scared.
May 18 @ 18:19
Same here. I've always been sensitive to surroundings and pick up on vibrations in rooms and houses. Lately I've had some strange sensations. Any posts or threads on here regarding incubi/succubi?

Jul 07 @ 02:10
Hi! I guess my eyes were opened to the paranormal at a VERY early age. I've lived in haunted houses (2) since early childhood, so I've grown up with it. My mom was is sensitive and so am I, we've both been able to see things others can't. I do remember one thing that I just have to share with you all that scared the heck out of my siblings and myself: Mom was putting her makeup on in the bathroom and we were eating breakfast in the kitchen. There was a knocking on the broom closet door just like someone at the front door. It came from inside the closet not the outside, needless to say, we ran screaming to the bathroom pronto! That house was full of paranormal experiences....That is just the tip of the iceberg, just one of the frightening events in that house. [Shock]
Aug 05 @ 18:05
Hi Ghostwatch,

You had an interesting experience. I would love to read about your haunted house experiences if you decide to post them. [Jump] [Jump]
Aug 06 @ 14:11
I became interested in the paranormal when I was 10. My Grandma has passed over and I saw her the first time about one month later. Since then I see her every so often and hear her too. I have spent years trying to understand and learn everything I can about the afterlife.
Aug 07 @ 10:30
I have always been interested. I grew up in a house that seemed full of activity. I saw things from a white mist traveling down the hall to a man standing in my doorway. No matter what, my closet door would always be open when i got up in the morning, I would hear things under my bed at night and then one summer when i was older i had a 3 week long encounter. it started out with hearing knocking on the outside of my bedroom wall. my bedroom was on the corner. it would start on one side and move all the way around to the other. then it would be gone and i wouldn't hear it again until the next night. this lasted for about 2 weeks. i asked my mom to sit in my room with me on a couple of the nights, hoping she would hear it too but it never failed. when she was there it wouldn't happen. my dad as usual thought i was nuts and tried to convince me it was our dog banging his tail on the wall. then it moved from the outer wall to under my floor. after the end of 3 weeks it all just stopped.
i grew up and moved away. one weekend when i had come home for a visit, we were all sitting in the living room watching tv and i got up and went to my old bedroom. even though it was dark out i didn't turn on the hallway light like i used to always do. i came back to sit down and my dad looked at me and said "did you see your friend?" what friend i asked and he told me the "white mist" followed me down the hall! I learned that night that my mom and dad had finally seen what i used to see my whole life. i didn't know weather to be scared it had just followed me or be happy they now knew i wasn't nuts.
Aug 30 @ 00:39
And to think that people write this stuff off as overactive imagination! Did you ever find out the history of the house/land. This entity was apparently drawn to you because you are sensitive where your parents aren't. Till that trailing mist was seen by them. Are they still skeptical? =P
Aug 31 @ 14:38
no, they definately believe now, especially my dad. i really think it's my grandfather on my dad's side. our house is on a farm and my grandparent's old house used to sit where ours is now. my parents actually lived in it for a while because my grandparents built a new house right next door basically. my grandfather used to come down and visit them all the time. my mom would get up and my grandfather would be sitting in the kitchen waiting for her to make coffee. he got sick and died. they tore down the old house and built ours. i always thought it was him but then i dug into it more and came up with this theory.
most of the activity happened in my bedroom, the closet door always being opened etc. i found out that the old kitchen was located where my bedroom was and my closet door was located where the back door that led into the kitchen was at. i think he was still coming in to sit and have coffee. i also think he was trying to watch over us and maybe to play some pranks because he was a huge prankster and abosolutely adored my dad.
Aug 31 @ 22:08
I believe you are so right about your grandfather. The more I read your post, the more I think your right. Talk to him, ask him to give you some kind of sign to let you know it's him. A sign that you would know that it's him. They are always and desperately trying to get our attention anyway. Good luck! [Jump]
Sep 01 @ 02:53
i talk to him all the time, outloud and to myself but it's usually when i'm where i live now wich is 2 hours away from my parents house and, he never knew me so would he know me now?
Sep 01 @ 22:39
Of course he knows you now. When they pass over, the spirit/soul knows. It doesn't matter where you live, there's no boundaries to where they can go. I always found that to be very comforting. =)
Sep 02 @ 02:35
When I was eleven years old, I came home from school one day, and found a book lying on my bed titled- Audrey Rose. My mom had bought it for me because I was interested in reading about ghost stories, and I was always checking out books on the subject from my school library. I still have the original copy of the book, and have read it over a 100 times. I also saw the movie a dozen times. lol

When my sister Amy had her daughter, I begged her to name her Audrey. (and she did)*smile*

Although a novel, this story was inspired by actual events. The details are in the back of the book if anyone is interested in reading it.

"Audrey Rose is a novel written by Frank De Felitta. It was filmed in 1977 under the same title. The book also has a sequel entitled For Love of Audrey Rose.

When Elliot Hoover loses his wife and daughter, Audrey Rose, in a fiery car crash, his world explodes. To heal his mental anguish and claim some peace, he visits a psychic who reveals to him that his daughter has been reincarnated into Ivy Templeton, a young girl living in New York City. Desperate to reclaim anything from his daughter's past, he searches out Ivy, only to discover that the unbelievable is shockingly true--his daughter is back. Now, in an effort to save her life, Hoover must choose between two horrifying possibilities-leaving his daughter's soul in torment, or taking the life of the young girl in whom she now lives."

Sep 17 @ 20:56
That really sounds like something I'd enjoy reading. My reading preferences are really slim, I only like to read nonfiction and dealing with the paranormal, psychics and such. Audrey Rose sounds like a book that really grabs you and holds on till the very last word!!

Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of the book. =)
Sep 17 @ 21:49
My experiences started when I was 3 years old, just after my Sister was born.
I would have to start a whole new thread, just on my experiences alone.
It is quite lengthy and detailed.
A lot of people consider me crazy and I have had my life threatened and have been run off of numerous Message Boards just for the experiences that I have had.
I have attempted to reach out and find a safe place to tell my experiences.
I hope that this is a place that I can trust and feel safe to tell everything that I know and have witnessed throughout my life.
Either way, I am Psychic and my abilities are growing with each passing year.
Now, I am able to tune into those that have disappeared or have been kidnapped and are no longer with us.
I am also able to tune into fugitives on the run and can tell a location of inquiry with almost precision accuracy.
I don't contact anyone about it, but I do make notes, just to keep Tuned, so that maybe one day, I can use it to help others.
Mar 22 @ 16:59
Simply put, I noticed at an early age I ccould sense "things", that were not visible to others as well as communicate with "them", verbally and or mentally. Yep, it sounds odd aand i didn't ask for it but it is sorta aa family thing, it skips generations, both my graandparents had a "gift", my dad didn't but I did, which both grandparents, on my father's side, sorta expected, and weren't the least bit taken back when I started showing "signs" of having a "gift", as they put it. Oh, the stories I could tell, probably few will believe them but all are true.
Sep 12 @ 21:40


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