Forum - Roswell UFO crash footage?

Roswell UFO crash footage?
This is purportedly new film footage of the 1947 UFO crash[/URL] in Roswell, New Mexico.

Have a look and vote....
Sep 21 @ 02:41
You may also vote on this at:[/URL] (If the poll is still up there when you visit.)

Sep 21 @ 02:42
very interesting footage...
Sep 29 @ 21:35
what's interesting is the hassle over the kodak film supposedly used to film the autopsy. kodak super-xx high speed panchromatic safty film designed in 1944. baloney I have a 16mm cartridge patented in 1933. some body is covering something up.
Nov 15 @ 23:15
A coverup?

Involving Roswell ?

Nooooooooooooooo. [Roll Eyes]

I'm sorry if that bit offended anyone but I have so many issues with the entire Roswell - Area 51 thing.

The American government sure has and does go to great lengths and spends huge amounts of time and dollars to deny that anything is going on or has gone on out there.

If they're not covering up some alien thing, then what exactly are they covering up? Maybe they're just doing all of that to distract people from something else. Then again, that would be deceitful and governments wouldn't be like that, would they? [Sigh]
Nov 24 @ 05:58
area 51 I have no problem with we must be given and area that is free of snoop's. to test odd and excotic aircraft. in cludeing u.f.o.s. as far as roswell there was a crash.
Nov 24 @ 21:35
I don't know what to think about all this Roswell stuff. It's not really too farfetched to believe that we're not the only beings in the universe. No problem for me with the UFO thing.

My biggest concern is that if the government does have proof of this, look how long they've sat on it and we know nothing.
The government, in my opinion, has no right to keep news away from the public.
My thinking is; what else do they know that they aren't speaking of?

For years people have been told that it's airplanes, shooting stars and such that is seen in the sky I don't want to be made a fool of or lied too. I'm a US citizen and pay federal taxes, I have every right to know the truth.
Of course, that's only my [Sigh]
Aug 09 @ 11:34
I agree. I think that there is life on other planets, maybe even other galaxies. It seems that our Government thinks we as US citizens are too stupid to be told what is really going on out there. If they didn't have anything to hide then why all the security, lies etc in Area 51? Ghostwatch is right, it is our tax dollars that they are spending on all this, and then basically tell us it is none of your business.
Aug 09 @ 18:45
Our government is supposed to be one of the greatest and care for it's people, and to some extent I believe they do. But when it comes to Area 51, they fall way short.

I'm proud of the US, I just don't see eye-to-eye on this subject with them.
Aug 09 @ 20:49
Me too. I love the United States of America. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But sometimes I wonder what our Government does that makes other countries feel as they do about us.
Aug 09 @ 23:37
I know, we'll always be hated. It may be that they're jealous of our freedom, which, I'd be jealous too....

We both share alot the same views on things, that's really nice. =)
Aug 10 @ 01:56

Did you two gals vote above? =P

Aug 10 @ 03:17
Hey KellKell, I just now voted for the first one tho. Interesting but I'm skeptical. [Sigh]

Will check out the second one later on...
Aug 10 @ 12:42
I voted too. I am having a hard time with it though. I really do believe that there is life elsewhere, but with all the cover ups it's hard to know what to think.

I don't talk to too many people about my beliefs. Most people think I have lost it. That's why it was so nice to find SpiritKeep. There seem to be so many people that think along the same lines a myself. It is nice to find a place to talk and not having to worry about being ridiculed.(I think I spelled that wrong).
Aug 10 @ 18:01
people people people! where have we been? listen carefully' reverse technology is spoken of softly in some circles.( aerodynamics) most often.we being the most advanced country'in the world ? then who's technology might we be interested in reversing?. certainly not our's. 60 years ago japan & germany were much more advanced. russia is if& maybe. we are interested in our little friend's. the grey's from who know's where. who to there dismay, crash on our planet. our people gather the evidence and begin a process of restoreing the ufo then trying to understand it's operation. by reversing it's technology. but it's slow and often misunder stood because it's too advanced for us to understand as of yet.
Aug 10 @ 21:12
But Grimreaper, the problem I have with the video that it was from 1950 and someone had a camera filming all of this. It looks like one of those small undetectable ones that can be in a bag or pocket. I don't think they had great technology such as those items in the '50's and that's why I'm skeptical about it being real. [Sigh]
I believe there are other beings but not necessarily this one.

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Aug 10 @ 22:19


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