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When I was 14 months old, (my mother tells me), I was sick with the 3-day measles, the regular German measles and the chicken pox. She had put me down in my baby bed for a nap and later noticed that it had gotten very quiet. So much so, that she decided she needed to check on me.

When she found me I was asleep and laying with my head in a PUDDLE OF BLOOD! She asked the doctor about it, who said it was probably just a nose bleed, the thing is.....there was no signs of blood anywhere other than at the back of my head, (I was lying on my back). No blood was to be found in my nose or ears, nowhere on my face or in my hair, and there was not even a spot on the bedclothes, blankets etc.

She also tells me that there were no visible wounds on my body. I looked up stigmata but this type of phenomena seems to be directly related to the five wounds of Christ at the crucifixion and does not seem to fit.

A witch I talked to says, it is known as an "occult bleed", but I can find no information on it. This event does not seem to fit the doctors explaination and while interesting,is a bit spooky.

I am hoping someone, "in the know" about healing will be able to help explain this occurance.

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bright blessings,

PS: many wierd things like this have happened to me over the years and a few months after the blood incident, the man in the apartment below ours was in a fight, shot his gun and the bullet went throught the bottom of my baby bed and into our ceiling, barely missing me. So, you can see why I am a bit suspicious of the first event.
Sep 10 @ 15:44
Interesting story and I wish I had an answer. However, it reminded me of something that happened to me several years ago. In the weeks following my father's passing, both my mother and I would find small, dime sized drops of blood on the floor. We would check ourselves for cuts or any explanation, but never found any.

I would find the blood at her house, my house, even when I went shopping, it was like I was just followed by this odd phenomenon for several weeks and then it stopped as abruptly as it started. It puzzled me a great deal at the time and I was reminded of it while reading your post.

Mom was a believer in the paranormal and had quite a bit of psychic ability. We both wondered if this was my Dad's way of trying to tell us something, or if it was in some very strange way a symptom of our grieving process.

I'm also curious if anyone has any information on anything like this.
Sep 11 @ 12:31
Sorry, I wish I had something. I've never experienced that in my recollection. I hope you find the cause.
Sep 12 @ 17:20
Wow Carrie,

That is highly unusual, but it seems I have heard of such things before, I just cannot remember what exactly or where. Big help huh?
Perhaps polterguiest activity? or something of that nature? Sure makes one wonder, doesn't it?


Thanks for letting me know you at least find this interesting, I hope that we can eventualy get something more substantial on this subject. I think my friend, might be a bit misleading with her mention of an "occult bleed", my medical instructor at school, said to me this morning, that occult blood usually refers to blood in fecal matter and that occult just means, "hidden".

Still searching,
Sep 12 @ 17:41
Sort of off the subject, but I wonder if anyone has ever tested the blood in stigmata or in paranormal situations to see if it matched any of the people involved?
Sep 12 @ 21:55
Pandora, when I had my incidents, just about the time I was determined to have the next one tested, it stopped happening. I would have loved to have known what was going on. What was really strange is that it was happening to both of us.

Ravenheart, it sounds like the instructor was giving the purely medical meaning of the term. I'd also be curious to know what your friend meant by the term.
Sep 13 @ 03:40

My friend wrote to me and said, that she thinks, due to an allergy to cow's milk (which I do not have). That It caused me to somehow bled out from my hypothalamus gland through the back of my head.

Occult bleeds,in medical terms, are generally
internal bleeding in the gastro-intestinal track that often shows up in the feces. I can not make any sense out of her theory except to say that she believes there is a connection there because doctors do not understand everything about the hormonal process of the hypothalamus. I personally, do not see it.

Perhaps, there exists a paranormal term known as an occult bleed and she may have mixed the two terms up.

At any rate I will continue to search! My mother tells me that , not only did I not have any blood on me anywhere, I did not have it on the back of my head or in my hair, (although I was lying in it). This seems to make it even more frightening and bizarre. However there was no pain, crying, or permanent damage done to me in any way.

I wish the blood had been tested to see if it was indeed mine. My mother does not even exagerate and being a stereotypical scorpio woman, I can not see her even admitting to the fact that this happened, much less telling it, but she swears it truly happened.

Curiouser and curiouser.
Sep 13 @ 17:10


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